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Since then, he developed a notable three decades of trading career as an account executive, consultant, floor trader and as a broker.
As an active player in the cooperative movement for nearly 30 years, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Biking Coop, Lenders One, Flooring America, Floor Trader, Carpet One, and Cooperatives Advisory.
Zero Hedge posted an audio clip of a floor trader in action during the flash crash.
The mutations in the marketplace are reflected in his film, but the pie's at its best when profiling the individual characters (mostly men) whose lives were upended by the implementation of "the box" (as one particularly angry floor trader calls the computer).
Investment funds hold a large short position in wheat futures, which leaves the market prone to sharp short-covering rallies, particularly on days when the volume is thin, a CBOT floor trader said.
The transactions records identify the contract, quantity, price of each trade, trade date and time to the second, trade direction (buying or selling), customer type (trade for the member's account, i.e., CTI1; for the house's account, i.e., CTI2; for another member on the floor, i.e., CTI3; or for a customer, i.e., CTI4), counterparty's customer type, delivery month of the contract (March, June, September, or December), and the floor trader's masked identification when executing proprietary trades.
Enter Cross Check Communications, founded in 1993 by former floor trader and telecommunications manager Catherine Oliven.
John Leitner, a floor trader at the New York Mercantile Exchange Building, said about 1,000 people "went into a total panic" and ran out of the building at around 10am after seeing the planes whiz by their building, which is near the World Trade Centre site.
Passarelli, a former floor trader who now acts as a consultant, offers this basic guide to the options market which will instruct investors on how to execute trades and evaluate stock regardless of market conditions.
It's not an easy pill to swallow: this man who has spent his life working on Wall Street, first as a floor trader and later as an investment manager, wakes up to discover he now works for a bank with tellers, ATMs, and free iPod Shuffles for customers who open savings accounts.
"It is pretty busy with a lot of activity coming from the CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisers)," a London Metal Exchange floor trader said.
"An astute speculator has neither the product or industry knowledge of the company trader or the low transaction costs nor the transaction speed of the floor trader, but has one overwhelming advantage--he or she does not have to speculate unless all the probabilities are in his or her favor--the power to "say no" is an invaluable asset.
LOUIS-The first franchise location for The Floor Trader, the latest retail concept to come from CCA Global Partners, is up and running in Hiawatha, Iowa, and another 20 locations across the United States are scheduled for opening by 2008.
That order then can be routed to a floor trader using a wireless handheld device.
Worked at the Liverpool stock exchange for three years from 1975 before moving to the City of London as a floor trader. Joined a Japanese firm and specialised in Far Eastern markets.