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The floating roof is being supported by four cores, thus creating a large column-free floorplate for a diverse suite of comfortable spaces that the community will use for exhibitions such as the Sharjah International Book Fair, publishing fairs and children's reading events, it added.
The horseboxes feature a 'floating roof' and even have the option of an awning to give shelter from the rain during events and shows WALES NEWS SERVICE
PROFILE n The Adam's floating roof NEON n Dashboard DAZZLING n A range of trim colours is offered YOUTHFUL n The new Vauxhall Adam
PROFILE n The Adam's floating roof DAZZLING nA range of trim colours is offered NEON n Dashboard FASHIONABLE n The new Vauxhall Adam
* Use internal floating roof tanks with external roofs for storage.
Studies of natural forms such as leaves, sponges, spirals and webs informed the design of the floating roof. A triangular folded plate structure was eventually adopted, perforated by polygonal 'cells' to provide light and ventilation.
Floating Net comes in three types: floating roof, which is good for big tanks, fixed floating roof and fixed roof (without the internal roof) for smaller tanks.
The AQMD complaint charges BP/ARCO with submitting false inspection reports and failing to maintain a required inspection and maintenance program for floating roof tanks at the company's Carson oil refinery between 1994 and 2002.
It features taller headlights thst wrap around the wheel arches, a grille and lower bumper section finished in matte black, a 'floating roof' and a rear with new looking tail-lights that arc inwards.
A Smart Pack (PS300) includes keyless entry and push-button start, while the Appearance Pack (PS750, Icon Plus only) adds a matt black C-pillar decal to create a "floating roof " effect, plus dark-tinted rear privacy glass and a fixed panoramic roof.
The model retains its blacked out roof support that create a floating roof effect and there are chrome door sills and door mirror covers.
The sock is clamped to the gauge poles, or to a transition box positioned on top of the floating roof. These results in a reasonably tight gauge pole enclosure that can deal with ultra-violet and ozone exposure, as well as exposure from hydrocarbons, he explains.
As part of the work, TLOR had contracted Jacobs Catalytic Ltd to use oxyacetylene cutting equipment to cut brackets on the tank's floating roof. The floating roof consisted of 38 hollow pontoons that provide buoyancy to allow the roof to float on the surface of the oil as the tank is emptied or filled.
The floating roof is clearly reprised from the Lucerne Cultural Centre (AR October 1998), but whereas Lucerne is an object building on a lakeside plot, Reina Sofia has to contend with a less forgiving urban condition and in the context of its impassive neighbours and tight site, ends up looking hectically gestural.