Flo Ziegfeld

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United States theatrical producer noted for a series of extravagant revues known as the Ziegfeld Follies (1869-1932)

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(82.) Daughter Liane Carrera published Held's biography Anna Held and Flo Ziegfeld (New York, 1954) under the pseudonym Anna Held, Jr.
Statuesque showgirls strut up and down giant staircases in costumes glittery and feathery enough to blind Flo Ziegfeld and outrage the Audubon Society.
At press time the actors playing Mable and John had not been announced; maybe Ringling friends Will Rogers, Flo Ziegfeld and New York Mayor Jimmie Walker will turn up, too.
As Flo Ziegfeld knew well, it wasn't naked flesh, but the hint of naked flesh that made his Follies a hit.
Everybody is happy, but in real life and "Funny Girl," Flo Ziegfeld would have banished him to Brooklyn forever.3