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a river in western Georgia that flows generally south to join the Chattahoochee River at the Florida border where they form the Apalachicola River

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Her narrative is coupled with well-placed context that fleshes out our understanding of various histories--for instance, lead itself and its role in our modern lives, the Flint River, environmental activism, and the adoption of federal laws to deliver clean water to Americans.
The first bridge site for physical modeling is a bridge over the Flint River at Bainbridge, Georgia.
Public awareness of the hazards of lead-contaminated water has increased since 2014, when concerns were raised after the drinking water source for Flint, Michigan was changed to the untreated Flint River.
In April 2014, they replaced safe public water supplied to Flint from Lake Huron with improperly treated water supplied from the polluted Flint River. (3) Contact with certain pollutants caused leaching in the pipes, and resulted in seriously contaminated water.
The problem arose when the city, seeking to cut costs, switched the source of Flint's drinking water to the local Flint River. That river had been badly polluted for decades, so city officials didn't tell the public about the switch.
In Flint, Mich., officials switched the city's water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River in 2014, resulting in significantly higher lead levels found in drinking water.
Steve Sammons tagged 376 bass (12 to 22 inches long) in an undammed stretch of the Flint River over a four-year period* Angler recaptures of tagged bass were used to determine movement and anglers received prizes for reporting tagged bass.
Sixty-six miles northwest of Detroit, bordering the Flint River is Flint, a city in Genesee County in central Michigan, home to approximately 100,000 residents.
This crisis began about three years ago when the Flint River became the main drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan.
The CSA45 (Carbine, Semi-Auto, .45 ACP) represents Flint River Armory's newest pistol carbine platform.
The two major waterways feeding into the bay region are the Chattahoochee River, traversing the State of Georgia from north to south in the west and the Flint River. These waterways converge at Lake Seminole at the Florida-Georgia border emptying into the Apalachicola Bay through the Apalachicola River.
Flint's problems began when a state-appointed emergency manager switched the Flint water supply from Detroit water to the Flint River in 2014 to save money.
The transaction includes five pulp mills located in Columbus, Miss.; Flint River, Ga.; New Bern, N.C., Port Wentworth, Ga.
Flint is located along the Flint River, approximately 60 miles northwest of Detroit.
(142) Flint's shift to the corrosive Flint River was related, at least in part, to its inability to pay the increased cost of Detroit water.(143) in addition to financial considerations, localities may need to shift to new water sources when an existing source lacks capacity, which might occur in cases of drought, expanding populations, and shifts from private water sources.