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British writer famous for writing spy novels about secret agent James Bond (1908-1964)

Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin (1881-1955)

a native of Flanders or a Flemish-speaking Belgian

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DETAINED: Dentist Peter Fleming, who was sent to a mental hospital indefinitely
Bruce Fleming is the author of numerous books and articles with far ranging titles.
Mrs Glen claimed Mrs Fleming 'slapped her on the face' but the accused denied the allegation and said Mrs Glen came into the house'without having any right to do so'.
Fleming was called for an emergency at Iesha Roper-Boswell's house in response to a suspected gas leak on February 14.
The company will now deliver proprietary and other financial solutions to the pre-retiree and retiree market through the appointment of Fleming.
"I just hope Yo is not feeling as alone as I do sometimes," Fleming told News 3 Las Vegas in 1986, her voice thick with emotion.
Scaer acknowledges that last year was a big year for a company that has historically grown more organically, but he added that Gannett Fleming isn't done making deals.
'An extreme player shortage' - with as many as 13 regulars unavailable - led to Matlock assistant manager Fleming being forced into action against Boston United in the Integro Cup.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard how staff at the resort thought Fleming, Richardson and another man were carrying out a "terrorist attack".
Summary: I am delighted to accept the invitation to coach the Bengal Tigers this year, Fleming said
Summary: Australian pacer Fleming shares birthday with India's legend and how it got spoiled
FORMER Boro defender Curtis Fleming has returned to the club, joining Tony Pulis's staff as first team coach.
Neishloss & Fleming is a Pittsburgh-based company that distributes Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement insurance plans.
Gordon Fleming, 66, indecently touched 44 girls aged as young as seven over a 15-year period when he taught at three schools in Wales.
Jack Fleming, 81, will sign on at 1 p.m, at Eugene's KWAX-FM - and sign off at 4 p.m.