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a sudden local flood of great volume and short duration

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Authorities attribute the rising number of deaths to flash floods partly to deforestation, a problem of the last half-century, but also to more recent construction of residences near riverbeds that tend to overflow.
Five bodies, including bodies of two girls and one boy, were recovered from river Beas after flash floods washed away 25 people in Mandi yesterday.
The Environment Agency has identified a large number of communities across the Yorkshire & North East region as being vulnerable to flash floods, which can happen with little or no warning during heavy rainstorms.
Basement stages of apartments have totally invaded by flash floods.
Good judgment is essential for technical canyoneering, especially as flash floods can turn canyons into death traps in areas where you can't climb out.
Another 29 people were killed by landslides and flash floods in northern Pakistan.
Human impact studies are sometimes hazard specific but only a few focus on flash floods (Mooney 1983; French et al.
Local officials in Koronadal City shut down, on Wednesday, a major highway linking Koronadal and General Santos City due to flash floods spawned by moderate to heavy rains.
At least 30 people were killed as heavy monsoon rains triggered flash floods in a remote village in northern Pakistan, close to the Afghan border, officials reportedly said Sunday.
Flash floods triggered by heavy rain have killed at least 28 people in northern Pakistan, officials said on Sunday, including some who were swept away while praying at a mosque.
KALAT -- Dozens of mud houses were damaged and collapsed due to heavy rains occurred in Kalat district and adjoining areas, causing flash floods in the area.
Peshawar, Pakistan, Jumada II 25, 1437, Apr 3, 2016, SPA -- Flash floods triggered by torrential rains Sunday killed at least 45 people in northwest Pakistan, AP quoted officials as saying.
Chitral -- The death toll has reached 15 after seven more people were killed by flash floods across Chitral district between late Friday and Saturday, officials said.
Flash floods were reported in the wadis of Al Kahla and Al Faleej as the wilayats of Ibra and Al Mudhaibi in North Al Sharqiyah received heavy rain.
HyMex is a 10-year international effort to better understand, quantify and model the hydrologic cycle in support of improved forecasts and warnings of flash floods in the Mediterranean region.