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a sudden local flood of great volume and short duration

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At least 14 people are dead as a result of the flash flooding.
Additionally, well-intended efforts such as stream channel "improvements" and channelization may have the unintended consequence of increasing the probability of downstream flooding and flash flooding during extreme rain events.
Concrete barriers are set to protect homes from flash flooding in Glendora, Calif.
The Journal reported yesterday how Deborah Whittle had come up with the idea to protect people, property and livestock during flash flooding.
This strategic investment in this important infrastructure system will help protect area families and local businesses from future flash flooding events, and pay dividends for this community for many years to come," said Governor Nixon.
BIG STEP: The launch of the flash flooding initiative in Hebden Bridge (s)
In Oman, local newspapers reported on Wednesday that at least two people had drowned in flash flooding.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Torrential rainstorms in Turkey's western region of Thrace on Monday caused flash flooding in the provinces of Kyrklareli and Tekirday-, claiming the lives of three.
Flash flooding also hit towns in north Somerset, where the emergency services received around 80 calls for help.
FREAK thunderstorms brought flash flooding, torrential rain and giant hailstones to Coventry and Warwickshire.
Summary: At least 13 people, including three Russian tourists, are believed to have died in flash flooding which has devastated western Nepal.
A surge of monsoon moisture continues to cross New Mexico, and the National Weather Service is warning residents of the potential for flash flooding in many areas.
St Helens Council had to close Boundary Road between the junctions of Knowsley Road and Kirkland Street due to flash flooding.
A QUIET village was counting the cost today of flash flooding thought to have claimed the life of an elderly motorist who "lived for his church and for his people".
Another big problem for urban areas is the flash flooding that can occur when heavy rains fall over a city; according to hydrometeorologist Matt Kelsch, an authority on urban flash flooding with The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder.