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The Global Nutrition bars and flapjacks were seized by trading standards in 2016 following a raid on Mr Trollope's gym in Bargoed.
Grease and line a 20cm baking dish, or use 12 mini square tins to make individual flapjacks.
To reader: This voucher entitles the holder to redeem one of the following McVitie's items for free: Lyle's Golden Syrup Bonfire Toffee sticky cake (210g pack), Jaffa Freaky cake bars (5 pack), or Hobnobs Toffee Apple flapjacks (5 pack).
Thomas was almost a blur as he scurried about mixing the pancake batter to just the right consistency so that when veteran flapjack flipper, Bundren, poured them onto the sizzling hot grill in front of him, they would turn out just perfect.
4 Grease and line a 12in by 9in baking tray and spread the flapjack mix evenly into the tray.
A MAN was caught trying to break in to a flapjack factory near Bedworth in the early hours of Monday morning.
AT the weekend a frail, elderly lady pressed into my hand a small box of homemade apricot flapjacks she'd baked for Jeremy Corbyn.
Apple flapjacks are so delicious and simple to make
Bar flavours include Double Rich Chocolate, above, Chocolate Orange and Caramel Crunch, below, and the flapjacks also come in Coconut Cherry or Oats & Honey.
The bars contain 20g of pure hydrolysed whey protein isolate and come in at 170 calories or less, while the flapjacks contain 23g of protein and 5g dietary fibre, promising to help repair muscles and balance energy.
HONEY FLAPJACKS THE best flapjacks are gooey, chewy and, above all, simple.
Q When I bake gooey flapjacks, it sticks to the pan.
These deliciously gooey flapjacks are baked using gluten-free oats and make an excellent treat with a cup of tea.
supermarket prices are: Still water 500ml - 1,083 per cent on Aer Lingus Flapjacks - 1,036 per cent on flybe 7Up - 1,007 per cent on Ryanair Muffin - 740 per cent on easyJet Baileys*** - 612 per cent on Ryanair Cadbury's Mini Fingers - 582 per cent on Jet2 Taking a look at the average mark up of each food/drink group below, the results show hot drinks have the highest mark ups on board.
THEY came, they toiled and eventually they conquered three Welsh mountains - fuelled by bacon-and-egg butties and Gwen's homemade flapjacks.