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Propagation of Flacourtia jangomas (paniala): An approach towards the domestication of wild fruit species.
(92) As far as Category 1, which provides the most exciting potential for discovering the agency of maroons in shaping the environment of the Mascarenes, we identified eight potential plants: Abrus precatorius, Cajanus scarabaeoides, Canna indica, Crotalaria retusa, Flacourtia indica, Passiflora foetida, Poupartia borbonica, and Solanum macrocarpon.
catechu), vurtuli or kunlai (Dichrostachys cinerea), all members of the Mimosoideae subfamily of the Leguminosae, hingota (Balanites aegyptiaca, Zygophyllaceae), kahatai or bilangra (Flacourtia indica, Flacourtiaceae), and Maytenus spinosa (Celastraceae).
Fabaceae Shot rahong 36 Uraria crinita (L.) Fabaceae Billeh lengur Desvaux ex Candolle 37 Flacourtia jangomas Flacourtiaceae Hada annol (Lour .) Raeus.
V Singh et al., "Isolation and identification of b-hematin inhibitors from Flacourtia indica as promising antiplasmodial agents," European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol.
Muchuweti, "Phenolic composition of Flacourtia indica, Opuntia megacantha and Sclerocarya birrea," Food Chemistry, vol.
To make up for deficiency of vitamin C in the body, the Kaviraj advised eating the fruits of Flacourtia jangomas.
24 Flacourtia Flacourtiaceae jangomas (Lour.) Raeus 25 Hyptis Lamiaceae suaveolens Poit.
Other new findings of non-conventional plant parts included consumption of fruits of Daemonorops jenkinsianus and Nypa fruticans, seeds of Terminalia catappa, leaves of Coccinia cordifolia, fruits of Pithecellobium dulce, flowers of Sesbania grandiflora, and fruits of Flacourtia indica.
English: Indian jujube Flacourtia indica Salicaceae Dunkhar (Burm.
These combinations included leaves with stems and roots (Cyperus scariosus), leaves with fruits and flower (Flacourtia sepiaria), and leaves with roots and fruits (Vitex negundo).