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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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At present, the highway is interrupted seven times, where drivers have to put their cars on ferries to cross fjords.
The win marks the second time in three years that owner The Fjords, together with shipyard Brodrene Aa, has secured the title, with sister ship Vision of The Fjords taking the prize in 2016, said a statement from the company.
Since the mid-1990s, floating ice shelves in the Arctic (referred to as ice tongues when formed as narrow floating extensions of outlet glaciers in fjords) have experienced substantive size reductions.
We have come up with our top travel experiences that will explore Bergen and the Norwegian Fjords.
He said: "The new twice weekly service will provide passengers from across the north of England with a great way to visit the city of Bergen as well as access to the Fjords and the popular cruise market from there.
Fjords, which are formed due to the abrasion of bedrock by the movement of a glacier, often have their bedrock below sea level.
(2012) reported high values of primary production in Puyuhuapi (533 g C [m.sup.-2] year-1), comparable with other productive Fjords along the southern coast of British Columbia and the upwelling system off Concepcion, Chile.
Oil & gas equipment company National Oilwell Varco (NYSE:NOV) revealed on Tuesday the completion of the acquisition of Fjords Processing for an undisclosed amount.
Iceland, the Faroe Isles & Fjords Cruise 13 days from PS849 Sailing from Newcastle onboard Magellan, 24 April 2016 Discover and explore the land of fire and ice.
10 days from PS599 Sailing from Bristol on board Astoria, 30 April 2016 This longer voyage from Bristol to Western Norway adds idyllic Geiranger to the popular itinerary and features two other beautiful fjords, opportunities to venture into the glacial hinterland, and a day in Bergen, the colourful 'Fjordland Gateway'.
Reader Offer BOOK NOW & SAVE UP TO 55%!* Fjordland Splendour Cruise 9 days from PS499 Sailing from Newcastle on board Magellan, 16 April 2016 This longer voyage from Newcastle to glorious Western Norway adds idyllic Geiranger to the popular itinerary that also features two other beautiful fjords, opportunities to venture into the glacial hinterland, and a day in historic Bergen.
Liner up for Norway Fred Olsen Cruise Line have a new brochure called Discover the Fjords with Fred, showcasing 18 Norwegian sailings in their 2016/17 programme.
Sermilik, one of the many fjords on the east coast of Greenland, is long (60 miles), narrow (4 miles wide) and deep (1/2 mile).
The Beautiful Fjords of Western Norway 8 days from PS909 Flying from Birmingham, 8, 22 June, 6, 20 July, 17, 24 August, 7, 21 & 28 September 2016 This journey to one of the world's most delightful destinations is less a holiday and more a treasured souvenir for life.
They chose those locations because their fjords all have glaciers that flow into the ocean, and all of the fjords have multiple icebergs with fragmenting glacier pieces that fell or calved into the water.