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Synonyms for Fitzgerald

English poet remembered primarily for his free translation of the poetry of Omar Khayyam (1809-1883)

United States author whose novels characterized the Jazz Age in the United States (1896-1940)

United States scat singer (1917-1996)

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The prize: the Fitzgeralds Casino in downtown Las Vegas, as well as casinos in Tunica, Mississippi, and Black Hawk, Colorado.
Barden had signed an agreement with Fitzgeralds to buy the properties, but it was the bankruptcy judge's prerogative to approve the deal.
To prove himself and win her, Fitzgerald rewrote the novel he had begun at Princeton; in 1920 This Side of Paradise was published and Fitzgerald married Zelda.
Publication of the novel gave Fitzgerald an entree to literary magazines, such as Scribner's, and high-paying general magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post.
As ProFootballTalk pointed out, Fitzgerald was likely wooed by his ( guaranteed $11 million salary for the season.
When Bruce Arians came to Arizona in 2013, he moved Fitzgerald to the slot receiver spot, which jacked up his production immensely.
The Evening Standard was not unique in its treatment of Fitzgerald. At the awards dinner she was told by a reporter "that they'd all written their pieces about Naipaul and felt they were free to get drunk." The day after the ceremony, Fitzgerald, along with Weldon, Rathbone, and Susan Hill, a former awardee and judge, appeared on the BBC's Book Programme, hosted by Robert Robinson.
"I shall go read him at once," Fitzgerald responded, off camera.
As Fitzgerald himself was acutely aware, his life and career uncannily paralleled events on the national scene.
One of the most gifted serious writers of his generation, Fitzgerald became known for his novels and stories of the 1920s; he called it the " Jazz Age " and described it as " a new generation grown up to find all Gods dead, all wars fought, all faiths in man shaken.
"The First Lady of Song" Ella Fitzgerald would have turned 100 on Tuesday, April 25: institutions from the ( Library of Congress to the ( Grammy Museum will be honoring her amazing contributions to the jazz canon.