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a camera lens having a wider than normal angle of view (and usually a short focal length)

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First author Janos Perczel, a graduate student in MIT's Department of Physics, said: 'We found the fish-eye lens has something no other two-dimensional device has, maintaining this entangling ability over large distances, not just for two atoms, but multiple pairs of distant atoms.
"A fish-eye lens takes a 180-degree view and is meant for weather observation.
These quantities for Sigma 8mm f/3.5 EX DG circular fish-eye lens were experimentally determined with low power laser beam technique.
PHD student Greg Dash, 26, hit the headlines last year after his fish-eye lens camera wiped out about seven years of student loans.
"I like to say that they look at the world through a microscope and I provide the perspective of a fish-eye lens,'' Mr.
Issues surrounding the room's visibility were also raised in terms of staff using a "fish-eye lens" to look into the room.
One system had the ability to pan and tilt under remote control from the mobile phone, while the other was fitted with a fish-eye lens to increase the field of view.
Occasional use of a fish-eye lens cramps the room even further.
The company was also showcasing its 360 Degree view Fish Eye Indoor Camera with a five megapixel resolution, 360[degrees] and 180[degrees] panoramic views with digital PTZ, 1.05mm fish-eye lens, shadow archiving with micro SDHC or NAS, active video tampering, and local recording support.
Kannala and Brandt [10] proposed a novel calibration method for fish-eye lens cameras that was based on viewing a planar calibration pattern.
This camera has a unique 136-degree eye view lens that clicks images that look like they have been shot using a fish-eye lens. Another interesting device is the Looxcie HD, which livestreams 720p video from atop your ears - aided by Wi-Fi through an app on your phone.
This camera has a unique 136-degree eye view lens that clicks images that look like they have been shot using a fish-eye lens. It also has five sensors that decide when to click a picture and add this data along with the image.
Picture taken with a fish-eye lens and four-minute exposure time.
The main advantage is the fish-eye lens that allows the camera to see panoramically what is very important for monitoring and recording.