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Synonyms for roe

fish eggs or egg-filled ovary

eggs of female fish

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the egg mass or spawn of certain crustaceans such as the lobster

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the eggs or egg-laden ovary of a fish

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Japan's largest trading partner of tuna is Various kinds of fish roe are imported to Japan.
Poacher's camps had loads of fish roe from several species drying on the bushes, and the poaching operations were better organized than before.
The Bering Sea pollock quota was raised by about 50% in 2011, and the value of fish roe (one of three primary pollock products among surimi and fillets) increased by 77% to $269 million.
That's being over- generous but you'll also be inclined to be so after you've had the cheong fun , the softness of the rice wrapping contrasting the crunchiness of the shrimp inside; the honey BBQ chicken puffs made to perfection; and the sushi rolls -- the California rolls with crab meat thankfully underwhelmed by either guacamole or cream cheese and the prawn tempura rolls where the bite of the filling contrasts with the slush of the fish roe.
The appetizer will feature lobster lightly poached with pickled watermelon, tobiko pearls -- Japanese flying fish roe -- and organic cress with sweet chili dressing flavored with lemongrass.
Starting off with Taramosalata, the meze style dip of cod fish roe was prepared with the right ingredients and spices.
Other fillings and adornments we could use were mixed sesame seeds, coloured fish roe, wasabi paste and Japanese mayonnaise.
We particularly enjoyed lemon-scallion Dungeness crab cakes with avocado Hollandaise, flying fish roe and stir-fried pea greens.
For the yam char experience, you can try chef Hiew Gun Khong's specialties including steamed shrimp har gao dumplings with preserved vegetables, chicken siew mai with fish roe, steamed barbecued pork buns and pan-fried Shanghai buns with chives and chicken.
This chic Japanese restaurant serves up traditional cuisine, including mackerel and ginger roils; flying fish roe nigiri and pan-fried lobster at about 25 [pounds sterling] a head.
The new menus feature a kobachi dish of rice wine-marinated calamari accented by wasabi mayonnaise, presented with flying fish roe on a bed of radish sprouts, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and leaf lettuce.
There were at least ten different kinds of cold and hot starter but some of my favourites were rus salatasi (diced carrots, peas, sweetcorn and gherkins cooked and smothered in mayonnaise), taramasalata (smoked fish roe pate, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice), ispanak tarator (spinach and onions sauteed in olive oil mixed with garlic yoghurt), muska borek (triangles of filo pastry filled with a mixture of feta cheese and parsley), and mini kofte (grilled minced lamb meat balls).
Garnish Asian-inspired or seafood appetizers with green tobiko (tiny fish roe flavored with wasabi, available at Asian markets).
The Osaka roll will contain shrimp tempura, flying fish roe, sesame seeds, eel, mayonnaise, cucumber and avocado.
After cleaning, the seaweed is processed into small spheres and is available in either black or red, rather like lump fish roe.