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Synonyms for roe

fish eggs or egg-filled ovary

eggs of female fish

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the egg mass or spawn of certain crustaceans such as the lobster

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the eggs or egg-laden ovary of a fish

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After cleaning, the seaweed is processed into small spheres and is available in either black or red, rather like lump fish roe.
Very high in fat and calories, but the fish roe has lots of vitamin B12
Contains more than the RDA of vitamin B12 per serving in the fish roe.
The Eskimo diet, composed largely of fish, fish roe and marine animals, including seal oil and blubber, allowed Eskimo mothers to produce one sturdy baby after another without suffering any health problems or tooth decay.
Tapas fanatics should head for the Waterfront Cafe in a restored coral limestone warehouse on Bridgetown's inner harbour, where the young and gorgeous chow down on fish melts, batter fried flying fish roe, and lime squash while listening to smooth jazz.
Extraction of fish roe for food is a common practice worldwide and includes a diverse array of fish families.
Chilled Processed Fish Smoked fish Fish roe Pickled fish - Chilled Ready Meals Savoury pastries Fresh noodles & sauces Pizzas Prepared dishes - Chilled Meats Sausages & salamis Cooked meat Sliced meats Meat snacks - Chilled Desserts Fruit based yoghurt Flavoured yoghurt Plain yoghurt Other chilled desserts
Contract notice: Supply of specialized equipment and apparatus to conduct research within the project pneufish for the project pneumatic method of obtaining fish roe - application options and the impact on the qualitative and quantitative parameters of gametes and welfare spawners implemented under the operational programme sustainable development of fisheries and coastal areas fishing 2007-2013 .
The orange fish roe on the top and crabstick eyes often makes the Caterpillar a children's favourite.
The prawn sat on a bed of tangy mayonnaise flecked with pink-orange flying fish roe, while the scallops were a favourite, dripping with pink sesame-bell pepper sauce.
At this time of year, it's diet traditional in Scandinavia to eat fish roe (eggs).
We tried a selection of different dishes from the new sushi a la carte menu which has 21 different examples ranging from flying fish roe on rice wrapped in seaweed to a large hand rolled sushi cone filled with salmon.
For passengers with a taste for traditional Japanese cuisine, the new menus feature a kobachi dish of rice wine-marinated calamari accented by wasabi mayonnaise, presented with flying fish roe on a bed of radish sprouts, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and leaf lettuce.
Another time, taramasalata ($8) - the traditional Greek fish roe paste easily spread on (or dipped with) pita triangles - provided a nifty pre-entree nosh.
The assortment features Mono Maki (rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe and marrow, or with fish roe and crab sticks); Nigiri (rice balls filled with shrimp); Futo Maki (large rice rolls with seaweed, fish roe, shrimp, mushrooms, marrow and sweet egg omelets); and California Roll (rice rolls loaded with fish roe, shrimp, marinated radish, sweet egg omelet and seaweed).