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a series of ascending pools providing a passage for salmon to swim upstream past a dam

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The small culverts, up to about 2 feet in diameter, are for drainage during the rainy season, rather than for fish passage, Velez said.
But to get this, it must prove that fish passage is not unduly delayed.
Providing upstream and downstream fish passage for adult salmonids and other native fishes and downstream fish passage for juvenile salmonids between Reach 2A and Reach 3.
The utility still would proceed with the second major piece of the fish passage project, building a $12 million fish ladder that salmon coming upriver would use in order to get around the dam and continue up the McKenzie.
The Corps and Reclamation, serving as Federal co-leads, prepared the Final EIS to evaluate and disclose the impacts of improving fish passage at the Intake Diversion Dam while also maintaining the viable and effective operation of the Lower Yellowstone Project.
The state Department of Fish and Wildlife may grant the waivers "if fish passage mitigation provides appreciable benefits to native fish compared to providing passage at the project locations," according to Greg Apke, the department's fish passage program coordinator.
The new fish pass means that 9 out of 10 lock sites on the Upper Medway will have had their barriers to fish passage removed.
The new culverts replaced old pipes that were failing or that blocked fish passage because of their small size or erosion around the outlets.
Contract Notice: The aim of this project is to improve fish passage on the Old Mill Burn and Tarff Water, Dumfries and Galloway.
When it came time to re-license the dams, it became clear the cost of retrofitting them to provide fish passage and meet modern environmental standards exceeded the value of the power they produced.