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Synonyms for upgrade

Synonyms for upgrade

to advance to a more desirable state

to raise in rank

the act of making better or the condition of being made better

a progression upward in rank

Synonyms for upgrade

an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

software that provides better performance than an earlier version did

a reservation that is improved

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the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises

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hardware that provides better performance than an earlier version did

the act of improving something (especially machinery) by raising it to a higher grade (as by adding or replacing components)

Related Words

rate higher

to improve what was old or outdated

get better travel conditions

give better travel conditions to

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To download the VioStor V3.6.0 firmware upgrade, please visit http://www.qnapsecurity.com/download.asp.
In addition to the data capability, the firmware upgrade for IsatPhone Pro will include service enhancements.
Existing FreeSpeak II beltpacks can be made compatible with the IPT through a simple firmware upgrade, eliminating the need for costly replacements, the company claims.
It means that older Xperia Z models such as Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z are receiving another major firmware upgrade.
Secure IP/Ethernet switching solutions provider Allied Telesis announced on Tuesday the AT-S100 v2.0 firmware upgrade for its range of AT-9000 series eco-friendly Gigabit Layer-2 switches.
According to Brad Jarvis, director, product marketing, the printer offers "the most flexibility and a solid migration path to future standards." It is expected to support Gen 2 through either a firmware upgrade or module upgrade kit.
For enhanced, interoperable wireless network security, IEEE 802.1x user-based authentication and Wi-Fi protected access and dynamic 108-Mbps mode will be available via a free firmware upgrade.--Netgear
Panasonic is expanding its strategic collaboration with LiveU (Hackensack, NJ) with the announcement of a free firmware upgrade for its AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800 and AJ-PX270 series P2 HD camcorders with AVC-ULTRA recording.
According to Verizon's (http://www.verizonwireless.com/dam/support/pdf/system_update/galaxy-s5-091614.pdf?null) support page , Samsung Galaxy S5 users can expect the following from the firmware upgrade:
The firmware upgrade and Intel SSD Optimizer use the Windows 7 ATA Data Set Management Command (known as Trim) to help keep the Intel SSD running at continued high performance.
Commenting on the recent hardware upgrade of the FS700 camera to capture 4K RAW, Vahid Macvandi, Regional Distribution Manager at Advanced Media explained, "NEX-FS700 has had a firmware upgrade which enables the camera to output 4K.
Users of Thrane & Thrane SAILOR FleetBroadband terminals can create an integrated solution with a firmware upgrade and additional handsets.
"But the damage has been done, and there are still hundreds of people sitting there with these drives at risk."<p>The good news is that the actual data on the drive does not get damaged, so in nearly all cases, the customer data is usually recoverable.<p>"Our advice to the general public is if you have this drive, before you upgrade the firmware, backup your critical data and then apply the firmware upgrade," he said.
Because your Jini-aware tape libraries and bridges have pre-registered for such events, the customer's Jini Lookup service notifies them of the firmware upgrade availability.