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4) Tropical montane dwarf forest (including the following two formations: Quercus bawanglingensis and Drypetes hainanensis + Firmiana pulcherrima)-,
Zn(II) removal with activated firmiana simplex leaf: kinetics and equilibrium studies," Journal of Environmental Engineering, vol.
Firmiana simplex, commonly known as the Chinese parasol tree or wutongpinyin is an ornamental plant or tree of the cacao, or chocolate family Sterculiaceae of the order Malvales, native to Asia.
Also, a performance of a modern Taiwanese opera The Firmiana Rain will be organized in Yokohama in June.
For treatment of intestinal dysfunction, an Oraon tribal formulation consisted of leaf juice of Firmiana colorata combined with leaf juice of Duabanga grandiflora, leaf juice of Chrysopogon aciculatus, rhizome juice of Alpinia nigra, leaf juice of Hyptis suaveolens, and seeds of Nigella sativa.
In 1808 they issued a proclamation, highlighting the necessity to organise musical life and musical education of performing artists in Bohemia, dated 25 April and signed by eight nobles; Count Jan Nostitz, Count Frantisek Josef of Wrtba, Count Bedrich Nostitz, Count Frantisek of Sternberk, Count Kristian Clam-Gallas, Count Karel, Master of Firmiana, Count Jan Pachta and Count Frantisek of Klebelsberk.