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a sale of assets at very low prices typically when the seller faces bankruptcy

a sale of merchandise supposedly damaged by fire

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Christopher Samba is one of the few stars who has not left Anzhi after the firesale instigated by owner Suleiman Kerimov
The Italians were forced to hold a firesale of their top players to try and balance the books at the end of last season, with striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and defender Thiago Silva among those to leave.
In 2011, Denton served as the project lead for the annual Dynamo FireSale, which raised more than $25,000.
Despite Blues' financial woes, there is not believed to be the need for a firesale and there would be no pressure to sell Davies on the cheap.
With wages failing to appear and a January firesale in the offing, he and his U-19 mates were on standby for action.
Paeffgen believes thet SA industry will have its shakeout, but that will represent an opportunity for Remos to fill gaps, not buy other companies at firesale prices.
We are exposed to about pounds 120bn in Irish banks and property assets, held up in value from a firesale by the Irish European protection arrangements.
The move is consistent with what senior Dubai officials have been saying in recent weeks about the need to take proactive measures to reduce Dubai's debt, but not through a firesale of assets," said Chavan Bhogaita, head of credit research at National Bank of Abu Dhabi.
Major restructure and a firesale of players seem certain.
The Blethen family, owners of the Seattle Times and three other Washington state dailies, were forced to liquidate dailies it owned in Maine last year at what are understood to be firesale prices because of the overall newspaper business downturn.
Brokers say it's become nearly impossible to sell a home that's not in foreclosure unless it's done at a firesale price.
The industry has been shaken by the demise of Woolworths and the firesale of its products in the closing down sale.
More importantly, they're available as surplus at a firesale price of about $300,000 U.