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Synonyms for fireman

play in which children pretend to put out a fire

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a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship)

a pitcher who does not start the game

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It's a shameful act of terrorism by these criminals targeting firemen and even policemen.
Firemen from a wide part of Yorkshire dealt with the fire.
Tebeau dilates on the manhood and masculinity of firemen at great length with little attribution, adding nothing new to our understanding of how gender shaped firemen or firefighting.
Five stolen cars were found burning on streets in Walker and Byker, each taking firemen half an hour to put out.
The Government should be ashamed to condemn the firemen for wanting a liveable wage.
Instead, the PM and his lackeys are trying to demonise them, suggesting it's the firemen who've left us wide open to an attack by Bin Laden's mob - when we know it's Messrs Blair and Bush who are 100 per cent responsible for that.
They were among four people killed by a gunman who began shooting at police and firemen responding to a blaze in his home in Memphis, Tennessee.
Most of the firemen tackled the outbreak from the roofs, where at one stage flames shot through 30ft into the air, said a fire service spokesman.
It focuses on the engineers, conductors, firemen, and brakemen who operated the trains and the unions that represented them, the "Big Four" railroad brotherhoods, in the last decades of the nineteenth century.
If the government gives in to the firemen, the overpaid teachers will demand more, and then there are the doctors, who will of course say that their jobs are far more important than anyone else's.
His death was a salutary reminder of the danger the 55,000 full-time firemen based in the United Kingdom face as a routine part of their working lives.
You can argue, and it has been argued in themedia, that firemen have a far more important role than anybody else in our emergency services.