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Synonyms for firefly

tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots

nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs

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Fireflies are heralds of summer, captivating children and adults alike with a single flash--there one moment, gone the next.
Many creatures can manufacture their own glow, Lewis notes, but fireflies are some of the few that can readily turn their lamps on and off.
4-7), you read that fireflies use bioluminescence to attract mates.
Firefly algorithm is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the flashing behavior of fireflies.
com)-- Firefly Magic[R] Firefly Lights, creators of the World's most accurate recreation of Mother Natures flashing fireflies, has been selected by Las Vegas based Exhibit IQ to supply jars of realistic electronic fireflies for their "GLOW Living Lights" museum science exhibit.
Do blinking fireflies light up summer evenings where you live?
SPECIALTY SOLAR LIGHTING flashes and flickers just like fireflies.
Fireflies are soft-shelled beetles, and there are about 40 varieties in New England.
I love the vivid flowers, the brilliant sunsets, and, perhaps most amazing of all, the bright flashes of fireflies dancing in the night.
Not long ago, fireflies were a common sight for Japanese children; in recent times, however, they have become a rarity, especially in the cities.
Fireflies - artificial ones, anyway - can now be found in Southern California.
Slowly, isolated groups of the fireflies rose 4 of 5 feet and commenced flashing--clouds of living stars twinkling above a luminous ocean.
Every June, the garden becomes home to numerous fireflies - an extremely rare occurrence in the center of Tokyo.
Then count how many fireflies flash within the circle over 60 seconds.