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Synonyms for firebug

a criminal who illegally sets fire to property

a true bug: brightly colored bug that can exude a stain

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They also noted how many objects each firebug explored, how fast the bug moved, how long it took to reach the wall of the arena, and more.
In January, firebugs set the former St Margaret's School alight, while in Nuneaton they have torched the former Bucksford Pub in Bucks Hill, and Poachers Pocket in Kingswood Road, in recent months.
Special firefighter patrols have been stepped up during the evening to keep the firebugs out.
We're here to have visibility and let the firebugs know we're here,'' the Castaic resident said.
FIREBUGS may have targeted a house because they believed so-called 'Neighbour From Hell' Mags Haney lived there.
Fire chiefs combating a surge in arson attacks are to launch a new task force, with US-style powers, to trap firebugs.
Among the main troublespots is Caia Park where firebugs have struck 55 times in the past year.
It is believed the blaze, which also broke out at 6am, had been started by firebugs.
David and Mary Sharples were three minutes from death when firebugs torched their home as they slept.
FIREBUGS struck again at a derelict mansion at Leeds Road, Liversedge.
Despite these encouraging results, firefighters have once again been targeted by firebugs.
FIREBUGS set a caravan and a car alight in a Nuneaton street after they failed in their attempts to steal a 4x4 parked nearby, say police.
It is believed firebugs poured a flammable liquid through the letterbox of Paws For Thought in Erdington, before setting it alight.
And firebugs are blamed for breaking into the boarded-up Forge pub in the Albert Hill area of Darlington and setting it ablaze at about 9.
A FISH factory boss is offering a pounds 10,000 reward to catch firebugs who torched his factory in a pounds 1.