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a storm in which violent winds are drawn into the column of hot air rising over a severely bombed area

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Like the VPX system, the interchangeable 18-Volt Fire Storm battery and charger are sold separately ($39.97).
A probe was meanwhile ordered into how the fire storm destroyed more than 400 homes and killed four people over the weekend.
A fire storm, thought to have been started by an arsonist, was burning through a national park in suburban Sydney.
A fire storm was burning through the Lane Cove National Park running through several affluent Sydney suburbs.
If you've been reading our serialisation of Fire Storm over the past few weeks you'll know we're looking for an original plot exploding with passion.
The flame is drawn up through the center of the pellets, creating a "fire storm" in the breech.
Skidmore's very readable history of Social Security is most interestingly a history of those who have opposed it--from the time of its inclusion in the Bull Moose Party platform through its passage in 1935 (and the ensuing fire storm in the '36 presidential election), from the anti-Medicare campaign to the more recent privatization movement.
You can read about the uncontrollable fury of a fire storm moving fire through the forests with the sound of jets flying close overhead and you will begin to understand the minds of the men and women who fight the fires.
Nobody controls when or where wildfires occur, and today's fires often result in very high-intensity crown fires that create high-velocity winds within the fire storm. They may also burn during periods of windy weather, when the smoke can be carried hundreds of miles.
in other words the fossil stones collected with a living pinch of Tobacco at the creek bed left by moving mountains of water in the long ago teach tell us that our lives are not permanent indentations each symmetrical duplication of the pattern of the body of a living thing frozen in time has returned to the hard stone reality that life escapes is gathered back by forever moving rivers of changing energy each in their own time by their own ice age a whirling fire storm unexpected
Judges cite |massive' media coverage since police beating of black motorist was captured on videotape, igniting political fire storm
SCORCHED EARTH Row after row of cars have been reduced to a shell as the fire storm raged.
Superbly written so that each of the characters from the sinister Mrs Eglantine to Sherrinford Holmes jump off the pages, Fire Storm will be enjoyed by young and not-so-young readers alike.
A BRITISH survivor last night told how she became trapped in a field with the fire storm just 500 metres away - when her boyfriend swooped by in his car.