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a watchtower where a lookout is posted to watch for fires

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Details: A 40-foot tall fire lookout tower offers a view of the surrounding area and forest canopy.
IT WAS A FRIEND who first told me that fire lookout towers still existed, rising like sentinels from remote peaks in the American West.
The park has plans to open up its fire lookout tower at the top of mountain, where you'll be able to see as far as Napa's Mount St.
Contract Awarded for Forest Management Directorate of Izmir Gulab Forest Management Units Manas Fire Lookout Tower Great Repair.
Contract Awarded for Golcuk Forest Management Directorate Puddles Asar Warehouse 52 and 60 Nolulojm Who, Yuvacik Suadiye, Kartepe Lodgings, Ayvazpin Fire Lookout Tower Plumbing Repair Repair Works.
Contract Awarded for Ecatacik Forestry Service Directorate 4 Housing Units in Saricakaya County, 1 Public Protection Team Building, 1 Warehouse, 1 Fire Lookout Tower, 1 Fire First Responders Building Repair and Maintenance.
Contract Awarded for Pozanti Forest Management Directorate Pozanti Forest Management Units Akdag Fire Lookout Tower Building Water Supply Line, BE-rE-cek Forest Management Chief Fire First Responders Team Building Sewage and Septic Trench.
Contract Awarded for Forest Management Directorate of Edirne Evros UzunkE[micro]prE- Forest Fire Lookout Tower, Sme Chief Procurement of Construction Work.