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any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire

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We are dedicated to providing the best fire apparatus in the industry, and we are honored that our product has been integrated into the Detroit Fire Department fleet.
Conservatively estimating two personnel to provide round the clock full-time coverage could make the incremental cost of such standards $100,0000 per year per piece of fire apparatus.
AFTC has now gained a solid reputation for designing and building truly custom fire apparatus with individual requirements for different Fire Departments.
The successful Proposer shall demonstrate the capacity to furnish general repair services, preventative maintenance services, emergency repair services and inspection for Fire apparatus.
The fire apparatus will ship without any trans-shipment or layovers and go from the Port of Baltimore directly to Callao, Peru.
The truck will be built in Nebraska by the Smeal Fire Apparatus company, and the cost includes at least two visits to the plant by Chief Parsons and one or two members of the committee that worked on the proposal.
The second-floor fire was extinguished quickly, but police blocked the road to make room for fire apparatus from East Brookfield, Spencer, Brookfield and North Brookfield.
The show will feature displays of fire apparatus and equipment, rescue helicopters and police cars, as well as the vintage planes, this year's event themed, .
AFTC") is pleased to announce they have been awarded the contract for the manufacturing of two custom fire apparatus.
Base Bid: Contractor is to design, provide all materials, construct and/or install (1) a 33,000 gallon underground water storage tank, (2) a 80 deep water well with an 8 casing and 10 screen and class C water quality testing, with piping and controls to auto-fill the water storage tank and warning indicators for low and high levels, (3) a pump to fill fire apparatus tanks at 1,000 gallons per minute at the apparatus fill point with a 6 discharge connection, and (4) a gravel access pad and driveway to support filling operation of fire apparatus up to 80,000 pounds with consideration of apparatus turning radius.
Fire Rescue & Firefighter Nation Sales Force to merge with PennWell Fire Group (Fire Engineering and Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment)
ASHBY - The town prepaid Elite Fire Apparatus of Wisconsin $348,000 to get a discount of $8,000 for a customized firetruck that was never delivered, and now taxpayers are asking how the deal went through without legal review.
It's a great old brick station house built in 1930 for $100,000, and was once the largest fire station west of the Mississippi - housing 28 firefighters, 12 fire apparatus, and six separate poles for the firemen to slide down when the fire bell sounded.
Hurst Jaws of Life[R] has received the Best Rescue Tool Innovation Award from Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine for the company's new eDRAULIC[TM] line of electro-hydraulic rescue tools.
Invitation to Bid: Price agreement contract to provide all materials, labor, equipment, and supplies for fire apparatus pump service, aerial device and bucket truck/digger derrick testing and inspections