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formerly the basic unit of money in Finland

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More precisely, they were--and are--called Karelians and spoke the Karelian dialect, which is a Finnish marked by numerous Russian-language expressions.
The court held that Regulation (EC) 110/2008 on the protection of geographical indications of spirit drinks precludes registration of the two Finnish marks because the quality, reputation or other characteristic of these drinks cannot be attributed to their cognac' geographical origin.
The national currency of the 12 countries which have joined the Euro and become worthless on January 1 are Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, Dutch guilders, Finnish marks, French francs, German deutschmarks, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Italian lira, Luxembourg francs, Portuguese escudos and Spanish pesetas.
More concretely, in departmental budgets for the year 2001 within the University of Helsinki Faculty of the Humanities, departments either gained or lost approximately 300,000 Finnish Marks or about 50, 000 US Dollars per doctorate.
The kiosks accept both Finnish Marks (FIM) and the popular credit cards.
Police found on him 3000 Finnish marks - about pounds 300 - and a holdall carrying the drilling equipment he had used to force open his cell.
Centrebet bets in Australian and US dollars -- and increasingly in Finnish marks and Swedish, Danish and Norwegian crowns.
The company had a net profit of 1.3m Finnish marks ($230,000) on revenue of 16.3m marks ($2.91m) in 1998.
Worldwide Nonwovens Sales: $111 million (577 million Finnish marks)
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