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a native or inhabitant of Finland

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DEAR FINN,--I think it would do; copy should reach us second post Saturday.--Yours, E.
In such happy, healthful activities did Mr Nutt disport himself, until the ensuing Saturday found him at the same desk, dictating to the same typist, and using the same blue pencil on the first instalment of Mr Finn's revelations.
Mr Nutt, of the Daily Reformer, wrote some highly incongruous words across the top of the copy, made some highly mysterious marks down the side of it, and called to Miss Barlow in the same loud, monotonous voice: "Take down a letter to Mr Finn."
DEAR FINN,--Your copy will do, but I have had to headline it a bit; and our public would never stand a Romanist priest in the story-- you must keep your eye on the suburbs.
A day or two afterward found the active and judicious editor examining, with blue eyes that seemed to grow rounder and rounder, the second instalment of Mr Finn's tale of mysteries in high life.
Mr Nutt put down the manuscript and called out with unusual sharpness: "Miss Barlow, please take down a letter to Mr Finn."
FINN, Please forgive me for the trouble I make you, but I don't see any other way.
Much of that they'll get out of you and Huck Finn, I reckon.
"G'wan, you're foolin'," said Finn, the other lumberjack, a quiet, steady, Wisconsin man.
"Mebbe we ought to lay over a day and let him rest up," Finn suggested.
As an added bonus, Virgin Megastore offered Finn a 15% discount on purchases made at their Doha store, according to Finn's mother, Ann-Marie Froud, who added that support has been very positive.
The flashbacks to Finn's past are the most interesting portion of the story, while the current adventures within the walls of Blackstone Technologies are confusing and filled with gory violence.
Finn, back for his first Test in two years after much-chronicled technical problems, took five for 45 as Australia stumbled to 168 for seven by stumps on day two - a lead of only 23, despite opener David Warner's defiant 77.
The Save Finn McEwen campaign was launched in a bid to find a suitable donor, encouraging people to come forward and get tested to see if they were a match.
Finn is just nine but he was determined to com plete the Coast to Coast route, covering 140 miles, in just three days of inten sive riding.