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The Roving Ambassador designate of Finland to South Asia Harri Kamarainen along with Asad Ansari Honorary Consul of Finland in Pakistan visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and said that his country had advanced technology and expertise in health, energy and forest sectors and it could help Pakistan in these areas for improvement.
Harri Kamarainen said that Finland has been using forest resources for business and industry for the last over 500 years and Pakistan could learn a lot from Finland for improving its forest industry and promoting green environment.
Despite the defeat, the game against Finland meant a lot for the men's hockey team.
New Delhi [India], Sep 19 ( ANI ): The Embassy of Finland in New Delhi together with Fortum India and Visit Finland has brought a photo exhibition of the most spectacular phenomena of Finland, The Northern Lights to New Delhi.
Students in Finland spend relatively little time on homework, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Pakistan and Finland have great potential to promote cooperation in many areas including energy, trade, investment, joint ventures and developing direct contacts between the businessmen of both countries was the best way to realize these objectives.
The United States and Finland have enjoyed an enduring partnership and friendship.
8 assists at the 2013 EuroBasket, Finland reached the second round of that continental championship.
Team Finland in Na mibia also aims at intensifying cooperation between Finnish players in these sectors and at the same time seek to promote Namibia as a business destination in Finland.
For more than three years, Wabigoon has been working alongside Wood Tech Group (WTG) of Finland, a liaison organization linking manufacturers to investors and retailers.
However, Finland and France have implemented similar mass wP vaccination programs with high coverage for several decades.
looked so dead, Laviolette spent a timeout after the first Finland goal to rip into his players, ``to try to get them involved emotionally,'' he said.
UPM's Forestry and Wood Sourcing organizations in Finland and Central Europe have been granted an FSC chain of custody certificate.
The October 26 Christian Science Monitor extolled Finland for boasting both "a thriving hi-tech economy ranked most competitive in the world" and "a welfare state that has created one of the globe's most egalitarian societies.
In September 2004, five music teachers from Washington State traveled to Estonia, Russia and Finland to share and experience music with colleagues and students.