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bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

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Since the set [U.sup.H,[DELTA],[delta],[sigma].sub.p,r] consists of a finite number control functions, then the set [X.sup.H,[DELTA],[delta],[sigma].sub.p,r] includes a finite number trajectories.
Thus, when a neutrosophic number is used from <Z [union] I> the number of values to which the sequence terminates after a finite number of steps is increased from 5 in case of 3n [+ or -] 1 Collatz conjecture to 55 when using (3a [+ or -] 1) + (3b [+ or -] 1)I the modified Collatz conjecture.
Actually Ecalle and Ilyashenko proved a more general theorem saying that any analytic vector field on a closed surface has a finite number of limit cycles.
When I began my magazine publishing company, I was part of a media market comprised of a relatively few and all but finite number of media players serving many media consumers.
We get a finite number of such weeks as this, and we need to spend them well.
of the type normally published in a volume or finite number of volumes"--may include blog posts or even websites that accept paid advertising.
In terms of physical interpretation, this means that the area under consideration, as a continuum with infinitely many degrees of freedom, is replaced by a discrete model of interconnected finite elements, with a finite number of degrees of freedom.
"We have a finite number of ambulances - we serve a population of 2.6 million people across 3,000 square miles," he said.
There are only so many hours in the day, and only a finite number of neurons in the brain.
Funding by the Welsh Government is for a finite number of courses to be delivered in Wales.
The sad reality of publishing is that we are allotted a finite number of pages that contain a finite number of words to tell stories that have infinite possibilities.
Research funds have been recently allocated to develop several of these mines into agricultural farms, and Solamon has the resources to supply a finite number of solar farms, whether fixed mount or tracking solutions.
Not only are China, India and the emerging economies around the globe competing for a finite number of materials, they are competing for the technologies and the new materials for the future.
In the second step we apply the Besicovitch covering theorem to the family {[Q.sub.x]} and obtain a family of cubes [{[K.sub.i]}.sub.i[member of]I] consisting of a finite number of cubes.