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bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

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Because only a finite number of X-ray measurements are actually made, mathematicians have had to work out approximate methods that allow cross sections of human organs to be reconstructed with a minimum of error.
Each company focuses on a finite number of supplier partners, thus enabling superior product knowledge and unparalleled demand creation capabilities.
A typical Turing machine can be represented as a device that reads and writes symbols on an infinite tape and has a control unit that can take on a finite number of states.
We now have a very clear and determinate capital structure with a finite number of shares allowing for continued investor interest and future investment.
And because there are a finite number of words in the English language that are grammatically correct, they are just starting to make stuff up.
The reason this could lead to fertility issues for women is that when a woman is born, she has a finite number of eggs, and as those eggs die, one a month, that reserve dwindles.
Lead researcher Dr Severine Mazaud-Guittot said: "Baby girls are born with a finite number of follicles in their ovaries and this defines their reproductive capacity as adults.
So there are a finite number of hours in the day, a finite amount of time to review a case and report it, and an almost infinite number of studies to read.
This is not the case with SSDs: Each cell that holds data can only be written to, or programmed, a finite number of times before it is effectively dead.
It protected that peculiar patchwork of wet and dry counties that funneled the finite number of drinkers to as few retailers as possible.
How procurement is designed, finite number of deal sites is not resolved finally at the current time.
Focusing on a small part of the polynomial boom that has overtaken knot theory, Stoimenow looks at the genus of knot diagrams, his study grounded on the theorem that diagrams of a given canonical genus can be described by means of a finite number of patterns that he calls generators.
This ad is a whole story within a finite number of seconds; a boy gets a lightsaber on Christmas morning, he pops in his Duracell batteries to power up his toy and suddenly, within the real world, is this injection of make believe and imagination," said Levy.
Every school has a finite number of places at any one time.
S***, man, there's only gonna be a finite number of times I can say that, now.