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the end (tip) of a finger

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Class teachers watch children arrive and check that each fingertip scan has been logged.
When you leave the giant's realm, you are in touch, for a while, with the matter that you are and the matter that rubs up against the fingertips of your gaze.
The guidelines explain the proper role of alternate site blood glucose testing, which could help millions of diabetes patients, because it is a less painful alternative to traditional fingertip testing.
Its design simplifies access to the middle ear, and the microscissors bring "tactile" touch back to the surgeon's fingertips. Plus, the ergonomic, in-line design is more comfortable and provides superior control, eliminating "galloping" when the blades are actuated.
The key to a healthy, diverse harvest is now at your fingertips. Available for $9.95 from Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1000 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 112251099/(718)622-4433 (x274).
when you touch her know that the heat is heavy, the wire thin that giving of herself is habit and what is left on your fingertips when you touch her is still hers.
There's great value in having that information at your fingertips. Moreover, it's available night and day, as well as weekends.
Manipulating objects in ways not possible in the real world -- for instance, putting your hand through a basketball and feeling the other side, and doing so with only the fingertips -- can feel odd.
Any thoughts about Bill Gates' "Information at Your Fingertips" keynote
Those of us who stayed safe at home in settled territories heard wild rumors of the bonanzas just waiting to be claimed beyond the next horizon: incredible cost savings, immediate turnaround, typeset quality and design excellence at our fingertips, the paperless office.
For years it reflects its blessing diffuse as moonlight, tender as a lover's fingertips, reassuring as your own last promise.
In addition, the use of thumbs and other fingertips while handling smartphones also affects the way the brain perceives the functionality of fingers.
We each have between two and 10 million bacteria between fingertip and elbow, with the number of germs on fingertips doubling after using the toilet.
Ito said that when they blocked the Wnt-signaling pathway in mice with amputated fingertips, the nail and bone did not regenerate back.
Firearms and Fingertips is an anti-gun crime theatre/mixed-media production, which incorporates many elements of the arts including music, visual art, poetry, drama, hip-hop and DJ-ing," explains James, who is also directing the show.