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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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The market of fingerprint scanner hardware for this unique purpose is getting bigger and bigger.
a leading global provider of technology in biometrics and identification, today announced the launch of a fingerprint scanner software development kit (SDK) for Android operating system (OS).
Futronic Technology Company Limited, a provider of fingerprint scanners and software, reported on Friday that cloud, networking and virtualisation technology company Citrix has certified Futronic's Fingerprint Recognition Software Development Kit (SDK) for MS Windows to be Citrix Ready software.
The S5 fingerprint scanner can be easily broken in a few incorrect attempts without requiring a password.
HTC's new device features no fingerprint scanner, despite
Security features such as the platform module (TPM) security chip, Computrace protection agent, cable-lock slot and an optional fingerprint scanner help to prevent data and identity theft.
Options include a fingerprint scanner, docking station that supports an extra battery, three USB 2.
MPC Computers' TransPort T2300 notebook computer, features an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner for added security, which also provides the benefit of replacing all the user's passwords in one scan of the finger.
Prospective buyers must make an appointment, then enter through a sliding polished aluminum door opened by a fingerprint scanner.
This combination of new technology, legacy support and security features, such as the integrated fingerprint scanner, is unique in the PC industry today.
BioScreen is equipped with touch-screen technology and biometric fingerprint scanner.
SecuGen's Hamster III USB Fingerprint Scanner is the First Biometric Device to Receive Microsoft 'Designed for Microsoft Windows Server 2003' logo
SmartTOUCH is a combination Mifare smart card reader and fingerprint scanner available from Integrated Engineering of Amsterdam.
The most popular type of biometric device is a fingerprint scanner such as Digital Persona's U.
All hardware devices are incorporated into a single unit, including a fingerprint scanner, signature pad, digital camera and electronic ID reader.