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food to be eaten with the fingers

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Loved ones or caregivers often end up serving less-nutritious and less-appealing processed finger foods such as fish sticks and chicken nuggets.
Vegan Finger Foods (ISBN 978-1-59233-594-7) is a 176-page book.
Reassuring for mums is that finger food contains more nourishment than purees so babies who appear to be eating little may actually be getting their full nutritional requirements.
Researchers analysed two methods of weaning - baby-led weaning with finger foods versus traditional spoon-feeding by parents.
The list of finger foods suitable for this age range is huge, pasta, bread (toasted and not), pieces of apple, banana, pears, bread sticks, cheese etc.
Another crucial issue this mum points out is the danger of children accidentally sticking salty or oily hands into their eyes and hair especially when they are given crunchy finger foods like cheese sticks that tend to crumble even in tiny hands.
Organix has launched two new savoury finger foods, Crunchy Golden Sweetcorn Rings and Crunchy Carrot Sticks.
Most cultures around the world have some tradition of small plates, and it is with this international lexicon in mind that author Jennifer Joyce put together Small Bites: Tapas, Sushi, Mezze, Antipasti, and Other Finger Foods (DK Publishing).
If you're entertaining, finger foods or appetizers are surely a part of the occasion, and many cookbooks are dedicated to their production--but SMALL BITES: tapas, sushi, mezze, antipasti and other finger foods takes a more international approach than most, incorporating the finger foods of other countries to provide a pleasing alternative to ordinary dishes.
Unlike the hoity-toity Saturday auction, the Friday fest was a low-key community affair, with walk-around wine tasting, fabulous finger foods prepared by local restaurants and a barrel auction.
If your friend is a messy eater, grab informal finger foods for her, like veggies from a platter or chicken fingers.
Dipsticks are an innovative and new idea for finger foods, buffets, starters and even main meal centres from Fairway Foodservice, the nation-wide network of locally owned food wholesalers.
This great-tasting line of golden-crusted, fruit Pie Bites feature the timeless, homestyle tastes consumers love but with a new twist; they're bite-sized finger foods with a big fruit taste.
In addition to the thousands of exhibits, a Trends & Innovations area highlighted unusual new products, ranging from handmade Asian finger foods from Singapore to a frozen ready-to-bake Greek pie.