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food to be eaten with the fingers

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Vegan Finger Foods (ISBN 978-1-59233-594-7) is a 176-page book.
Researchers analysed two methods of weaning - baby-led weaning with finger foods versus traditional spoon-feeding by parents.
When my boys were younger, and still today, I've found that serving familiar finger foods, like Tyson 100% All Natural Chicken Nuggets, not only provides essential protein, but it also helps to introduce other important foods at mealtime, like dairy, veggies and fruit which will build a great foundation of balanced eating habits.
The list of finger foods suitable for this age range is huge, pasta, bread (toasted and not), pieces of apple, banana, pears, bread sticks, cheese etc.
However, giving solid finger food is not always the best of all ideas, she believes.
And just in case you need some ``wow'' tidbits for nibbling with your drinks, you'll find tempting tapas, sushi, mezze, antipasti and finger foods galore in ``Small Bites,'' by Jennifer Joyce (DK Publishing; $20).
If your friend is a messy eater, grab informal finger foods for her, like veggies from a platter or chicken fingers.
In addition to the thousands of exhibits, a Trends & Innovations area highlighted unusual new products, ranging from handmade Asian finger foods from Singapore to a frozen ready-to-bake Greek pie.
The performances may consist of bits and pieces of works lifted out of context, and the edible portions of the evening can raise the specter of wine-stimulated acidic nightmares accompanied by high-carb, high-fat finger foods.
RUGBY schoolchildren demonstrated their knowledge of the importance of healthier lifestyles with a display of finger foods.
The total market for baby foods grew at a slightly faster rate during 2004 and 2005 than in the two previous years, due partly to the increase in the birth rate and partly to manufacturer innovation, with new products such as ready-to-feed (RTF) milks and baby finger foods helping to add value.
Also offering salads, fried finger foods & other legendary hoagies.
The new Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce is a creamy and sweet condiment with a perfect balance of sweetness and smoothness that adds excitement to a variety of finger foods.
So we need to boost that energy with healthy finger foods.
From snacks and finger foods to upscale ready meals, Vion Food Group members in Germany produce a diversified assortment of frozen convenience products to satisfy most every taste.