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Synonyms for finder

someone who comes upon something after searching

someone who is the first to observe something

optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

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Finders Keepers did hit the big time Down Under in 1967: their novelty song Sadie The Cleaning Lady was covered by Aussie singer Johnny Farnham and reached number one.
King continues to tweak the hard-boiled genre in spectacular ways in Finders Keepers, hints at a bit of the supernatural--he's pretty good at that if you hadn't heard--and touches on his own place as an American literary celebrity.
Finders Keepers had two more cracks at chart stardom.
Finders Keepers is spectacular suspense, and it is King writing about how literature shapes a life for good, for bad, forever.
Popular brands include Honour Gold, Three Floor, Finders Keepers and Genese London.
Finders Keepers is its sequel, although it begins with new characters setting up a new plot and is probably enjoyable on its own terms.
Heading to the bar, behind which the neon sign Finders Keepers confirms this is the right place, we find that the drink list carries mostly imported beers, the only local brand being Cerveza Negra (P160)-whose malty taste goes well with the newfound surroundings.
A[degrees]Australian Fashion Labels, designs and manufacturers the Jaggar, the Fifth, Finders Keepers, Keepsake and Cameo labels, switched from Commonwealth Bank in 2012 when HSBC introduced founders Dean and Melanie Flintoff to a new group of suppliers in China.
Festival Number 6 is much so much more than a music festival, with a diverse range of arts and culture, from spoken word to film screenings to pop-up theatre to sound and light installations, curated by Caught by the River, Faber Social, Finders Keepers, Don''t Tell Stories and Walk The Plank.
Convincing herself it's finders keepers, Poppy decides to keep the phone so the hotel staff can get in touch with her when they find the ring.
Box office: 01994 427689 best cd Andy Votel - Finders Keepers (out now) PLUNDERING what must be a copious Aladdin's cave of an attic stuffed full of vinyl oddities, Votel's new compilation is a merry old mash-up of gleefully obscure 60s garage, Krautrock, psychedelia, prog and noise.
So rather than finders keepers, losers weepers, finders may become keepers if they try to find the owner.
FINDERS keepers, losers weepers, goes the old saying - one that is also apt for the second-hand car market.
Fallon was second on The Jobber, his only other ride, in the six-furlong handicap, the gelding having no answer when Eddie Ahern swooped on Finders Keepers inside the final furlong.
Finders Keepers is its sequel, although with new characters setting up a new plot.