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The new financial structure was implemented after Techem was acquired in July by a consortium led by Partners Group global infrastructure and private equity funds.
Therefore, in a fiscal context without ACE, the tax rate is an important determinant of the financial structure of companies.
Also, paying off the parent company's interest-bearing liabilities changes the parent company's financial structure dramatically and reduces Panostaja's risk.
MMG Archbold Chartered Accountants help businesses build a financial structure that provides foundations for success.
The letter calls for seats for rank-and-file employees on the board of any new business and a commonsense financial structure for the business going forward.
The firm boasts a comfortable financial structure and it has plans to build an automotive battery terminal plant in China with its own finances, the rater said.
This is Metlifea[euro](tm)s second effort to sell the Taiwanese unit after a first attempt was blocked by regulators in October 2010 over concerns regarding the buyer's financial structure.Country: Taiwan, Sector: InsuranceTarget: Metlife TaiwanBuyer: Chinatrust Financial Holding Co LtdVendor: Metlife IncDeal size in USD: 180mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Key words: financial structure, optimisation criteria, cost minimisation, earnings maximisation
The company will use the net proceeds from the placement to diversify its financial structure and enable a future expansion.
The Colosseum, a 241-unit building, will operate like a hotel but have the legal and financial structure of a condo.
Victor Kung, president of Fubon Financial, indicated that the massive issuance of GDR this time aims to raise capital for operating funds, strengthen its financial structure, and help lower its capital cost, adding that Fubon would find the best time to issue such GDR after being approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).
The total of pounds 5.169bn includes cash to restructure Eurostar (pictured), and is being used to offset debts and "put in place a sustainable financial structure for the high-speed rail link", said a Commission statement.
During its investigation into another aid measure for EverQ, the Commission uncovered indications of intentional changes to the ownership and financial structure of EverQ in order to become eligible for an SME bonus and hence receive higher aid amounts.
Merdian most recently served as vice president within the international insurance business at Prudential Financial, where he was responsible for pricing and developing the financial structure for mergers and acquisitions.
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