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a government policy for maintaining economic growth and tax revenues

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The Council also discussed the World Bank Group's presentation on the Financial Coordination Project for the Health and Education Sector, and reviewed the UAE's financial statements and its comparisons with some countries in the world, in order to develop financial policies, and achieve the best returns possible.
During the meeting, MoF reviewed its latest achievements and projects as well as them the financial performance indicators, monetary and financial policies, and the bankruptcy law.
With financial policies, there is always more than one.
Tips strategic, economic and financial policies related to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in transport (except for railway infrastructure and transport, ports and maritime transport as well as public passenger transport).
A section of the press has reported discrepancies in the figures stated in the Memorandum of Economic & Financial Policies (MEFP) for the third Quarter Review under the IMF program," said statement of the ministry.
The State's financial policies, he continued to said, then created new "consumption" habits.
She also looks at how the role and incentives of government officials and their approaches to governance affect financial policies and practices, as well as influential state policies and metropolitan features.
Despite their mission to serve people of "modest means," credit unions in the six-county Chicago region serve fewer poor than middle- and upper-class households, according to a report by the Chicago-based Woodstock Institute, which analyzes how financial policies impact communities.
ASAE saves you valuable time with a revised and expanded publication in its financial management series: Model Accounting and Financial Policies and Procedures Handbook, by Edward J.
strengthen supervision of their financial policies and prevent yet
The meeting covered elements on the latest developments of financial policies at a UAE level.
The meeting was held during the mission's visit to UAE (26 April to nine May, 2016), and aimed to review the Ministry's most significant achievements and financial policies that support the national economy.
The second edition includes revised and expanded material on the relationship among financial policies, analyses, and forecasts in creating efficient portfolios and enhancing stockholder wealth.
Financial policies are guidelines for operational and strategic decision making related to financial matters.
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