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* Financial deregulation has already been in the works for more than one year mainly via a laxer interpretation of the law by institutional bodies such as the Fed, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the FDIC and the Financial Services Professional Board (FSPB).
Excessive financial deregulation leads to a predictable cycle of boom-bust-bailout, in which rich people do very well, and millions of people lose their jobs, their homes, and their futures.
However, once conservatives are elected to office, they typically drop their focus on these cultural issues and immediately turn their attention to an economic regimen of stopping increases to the minimum wage, blocking extensions of unemployment benefits, rolling back workplace standards, endorsing financial deregulation, supporting privatization of schools, busting unions, cutting corporate taxes, and then sequestering budgets so that Head Start, food stamps, education, and Medicare can be further slashed." Persuasive and thought-provoking, Introducing Social Stratification is "must-read" for anyone concerned about the widening gap between the rich and the poor.
The Thatcher government's 'free market' policy was enhanced with the 'Big Bang' of financial deregulation and the privatisation of National Industries.
Among the topics are an overview of theories of financial crises as cumulative processes, five explanations for the international financial crisis, and financial deregulation and the 2007-08 US financial crisis.
In the 1990s the purported wise men blithely assured us that we had nothing to fear from financial deregulation; we did.
The new legislation, is believed to contain three main components that address Financial Deregulation, Preventative Composition of Bankruptcy, and Bankruptcy.
Ho said SinoPac Financial expects this to be favorable for revenue growth because of the sustained global economic recovery and financial deregulation at home.
Oxfam said that policies successfully imposed by the rich in recent decades include financial deregulation, tax havens and secrecy, anti-competitive business practice, lower tax rates on high incomes and investments and cuts or underinvestment in public services for the majority.
The imbalance of the bus is made even more unstable with the turbocharge Clinton's mechanics installed underneath the bus's hood (i.e., financial deregulation).
As a crusader for financial deregulation, Summers lost credibility when he made millions by consulting for the deregulated financial industry.
Instead, after the "Big Bang" of financial deregulation, much of the wealth in 1980s Britain became based on short-term speculation and a massive real estate bubble.
As a result of financial deregulation, the French banking system went through major transformations in the 1990s.
Garcia, for instance, argued that the current generation is paying for the fallout of the extensive financial deregulation that Thatcher championed, epitomised by London's "Big Bang" financial reforms of 1985.
The trend of the pest few years towards financial deregulation may be ebbing, according to regulators participating in a special panel sponsored by the Government Committee of the Financial Women's Association.
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