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Synonyms for amoeboid

like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)


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This intensive phase has been characterized by the lack of domestic aggregate demand, even for the lack of some welfare reforms (the "missed opportunities": see Salvati, 2000), which not only caused the fall of investments as well but the necessity to force exports (Ciocca, Filosa, Rey, 1973) by price dumping strategies.
Reports of assaults on gay men by perpetrators citing "Trump's America" came to light (CBS DC, 2017; Filosa, 2017).
Filosa, "A quantitative spatiotemporal analysis of microglia morphology during ischemic stroke and reperfusion," Journal of Neuroinflammation, vol.
Filosa (2001) finds that most Central Banks in emerging market economies react strongly to exchange rates.
The genes causing red-green defects are localized on the long arm of the X-chromosome at Xq28 (Filosa et al., 1993; Norn, 1997; Deeb and Kohl, 2003), whereas the blue pigment gene is located on an autosome, chromosome 7 at 7q32 (Nathans et al., 1986; Motulsky, 1988; Deeb and Kohl, 2003).
(99.) Gwen Filosa, Demolition Approved for New Orleans' Public Housing, Times- Picayune (Sept.
Elsa Filosa interprets Day Seven as governed by the earthly Venus from Genealogie deorum gentilium.
Para Filosa (2006), o estacionamento e uma peca-chave nas estrategias de transporte das grandes cidades, afetando a maneira de viver dos individuos, a acessibilidade e o sucesso economico de uma estrategia de desenvolvimento sustentavel.
En ambos individuos, los dientes pequenos estaban completamente fuera en ambas mandibulas y presentaban una forma filosa, ligeramente curvada y espaciada entre si (Fig.
Filosa et al., "Endocrine function and bone disease during long-term chelation therapy with deferasirox in patients with [beta]-thalassemia major," American Journal of Hematology, vol.