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a cinematic festival that features films (usually films produced during the past year)

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Whether Eugene's film community has reached some sort of critical mass or whether the city is simply mirroring the national trend of film festivals for every subculture is debatable.
"My mom's a widow," he explains, "and I love her and she's lonely and I want to find her a guy." And since he hasn't told her about any of this yet, "the first act is my trying to convince her," he says, "to date this parade of old guys that I'm going to be sending through her door." It's no surprise he plans to premiere the firm at a future Whistler Film Festival.
(ENI)--The Ecumenical Jury at the 28th Montreal world Film Festival has awarded its prize to the feature film Hacala Hasurit (The Syrian Bride), an Israeli-French-German co-production by Jerusalem-born director Eran Riklis.
Footage Dance Film Festival is another relative newcomer.
For more on these films and on the Berlin and Sundance film festivals, go to
To gain exposure, Talbert frequents various film festivals, such as Cannes, Sundance and Toronto.
Even if we campaign for fair representation, the works of women directors are not given the spotlight in these local film festivals. Feminine voices are not heard.
He was the first Filipino to compete and won in the three major international film festivals. His film, Captive, competed in Berlin International Film Festival in 2012; his film Slingshot won the Caligari Film award in 2007, while his film Lola was nominated for the Golden Lion in 2009.
Red told the Inquirer: 'It's encouraging as beginning filmmakers to see our first movie be part of film festivals in cities all over the world.'
Sarajevo Film Festival draws attention to high representation of women in all segments of the festival by gathering female directors, judges, producers, actresses and other female film workers who are participating in Sarajevo Film Festival programs on the red carpet at 19:10 hours in front of the National Theater today.
This is where film festivals and other such events are particularly helpful.
The moviehas already attended nearly 30 international film festivals and forums and received a number of awards.
After its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2008 where it picked up the prize for Best European Film, MACHAN was shown at over 30 international film festivals and won several awards, including Best Film at Brussels Film Festival, Best Screenplay at Durban Film Festival, Best Feature Film at Palm Beach Film Festival, Audience Award at Transylvania Film Festival and Kerala Film Festival.
Bob Odenkirk parodied film festivals in The Frank International Film Festival where an ordinary Joe named Frank holds his own festival in his living room.
Hollywood is interested in gay and lesbian film festivals, but the festivals are more interested in gays and lesbians