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Englishman and husband of Elizabeth II (born 1921)

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Pavlina Pithova and Dominik Filipp contributed equally to the analytic part of the work and the manuscript writing.
It was Filipp Goloshchekov who decided to create Kazakhstan from "truly (iskonno) Russian land." (18) Kazakhs are thus an absolutely artificial ethnic creation.
On March 10, the young Bolshevik and future Marshal of the Soviet Union, Filipp Golikov, noted in his diary that he and his comrades in Petrograd would discuss the Communist International a great deal and read 'everything that was written about it in the newspapers'.
In oncological contexts, several studies reveal that longer periods after diagnosis promote higher positive changes (Cordova et al., 2007; Klauer, Ferring, & Filipp, 1998).
The judges for the main show will include Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler and flamboyant Russian pop king Filipp Kirkorov, while ex-Spice Girls star Mel B will co-host.
“Retailers have been looking for ways to incentivize customers to return, from the moment of entering the store to the point of purchase, but few have been able to keep up with technological advances,” said Filipp Shubin, Synqera COO.
"Showrooming is very real and very damaging for retailers that can't compete with e-retailers," Synciera chief operating officer Filipp Shubin explained.
The conference will be held by the French expert Filipp Moreau Defarges.
They found that the reminiscence bump was prominent only for the positive memories of their youth but not for the negative memories (see Leist, Ferring, & Filipp, 2010, for similar results).
Filipp Kopachevksy, the winner of the International Piano Competition for Young Musicians in the Netherlands, Yulia Shchasnovich, the winner of international contests such as "Music of Hope" in Belarus, and 13-year-old Matvey Sherling, who plays the saxophone, were among the young talents in the orchestra.
Filipp Rjabych, "Papa Benedetto XVI e il dialogo della chiesa cattolica romana con le chiese ortodosse," pp.
Regarding the family literature, research suggests that a stronger PCR contributes to a child's willingness to embrace parental values (Kochanska & Thompson, 1997) and to form a strong bond with the parent (Boll, Ferring, & Filipp, 2003).
Filipp lets me drive, and sometimes I take the whip.
"For All Who Draw the Sword Will Die by the Sword: The Symbolism of Filipp Iankovskii's The Sword Bearer." SRSC 4.2 (2010): 171-86.
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