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a small carved or molded figure


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When Ayyanar shrines have to be made or figurines that size have to be made, the potters take their mud with them.
In the process of making each of the figurines Bromfield engages in a playful game of imagining and constructing stories of their identity.
Pen'Jing involved the creation of miniature landscapes in a tray and the illusion was furthered by the inclusion of small figurines.
The figurines. Mother and Child Sitala, Sasthi, etc., are some instances of such cult objects.
Historic Scotland said a second, 5000-year-old headless figurine has been discovered by archaeologists working at the Links of Noltland dig on Westray.
In another piece, aptly titled "Don't Believe Her," figurines of Batgirl in a combat position surround a slightly larger, seemingly objecting figurine of Batman.
Swarovski's tiger figurine (18.5cm x 8.5cm) is faceted in golden shine crystal with satin crystal stripes.
(The 2003 thesis is written in Hebrew under the title, Drums, Women and Goddesses, Drumming and its Meaning in Iron Age II Israel in Light of the Archaeological Finds.) The present book aims to present and interpret the gender aspects of drum playing traditions in Iron Age Israel, based on clay figurines assumed to be female drummers found in various archaeological sites.
The central installation is comprised of 3,200 wax figurines, as you are informed by the program notes, each of approximately human shape, ranging from yellow-brown to off-white in color, each hanging from a length of nylon line.
A few of the disks, in turn, bore small objects, mostly pseudo-rococo figurines of people, animals, and birds, whose heads were invariably covered by other materials, like beads, buttons, tiny bells, artificial flowers, and sparkly bracelets.
Dating approximately between 500 BC and AD 200 (1) the Nok terracotta figurines represent so far the earliest sculptural art in West Africa and beyond.
POLICE in Halesowen are trying to trace the owners of a large quantity of jewellery and figurines following a recent arrest on suspicion of burglary.
THE OFFICIAL PRECIOUS MOMENTS COLLECTORS' GUIDE TO FIGURINES, 3rd EDITION (9781574325690, $19.95) by John & Malinda Bomm pairs small color photos of figurines with prices, notes on retirement dates, and offers small areas where notes can be made by collectors as they acquire figurines.
Objects (masengo) used in the initiation rituals, depending on the grade or levels being sought, may include natural materials, called mitume (e.g., seedpods, nutshells, dried flowers, bird beaks, porcupine quills, pangolin claws, animal bones and skulls), as well as zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figurines created specifically for Bwami purposes (binkungankunga) and carved from wood, bone, or ivory.
Eric Dyson, president and founder of Fishermen, Inc., wants the figurines to remind people that Jesus is with them in everything they do.