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a diagram or picture illustrating textual material


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Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit

fleshy sweet pear-shaped yellowish or purple multiple fruit eaten fresh or preserved or dried

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Several friends, who have expressed surprise that figs can be grown here in southern Oklahoma, are now saying they want fig trees, too.
For the experiment of rooting of herbaceous cuttings originating from sprout removal, herbaceous cuttings of fig cultivars were collected at the time of sprouting of the fig trees, which occurred in August, about 60 days after winter pruning.
He returned to the village and, thanks to the irrigation system, was able to plant a hundred fig trees on his family's land.
In the morning, we have rose-picking, then we walk down by the river, and have lunch under the fig tree," shares Valerie.
The fig trees the earliest one which has been cultivated in old age.
Two years ago it was revealed that almost PS400,000 had been spent on leasing a dozen fig trees imported from Florida for the MPs' office block, Portcullis House VOICE OF THE MIRROR: PAGE 8
trees, grape vines and fig trees there as well as demolished a number of
Many fig trees (Ficus species, Moraceae) are easy to grow as roadside, hedgerow and garden trees, as well as making ideal bonsai specimens.
2million for the fourbedroom house in Malibu, which is surrounded by peach, orange and fig trees.
For instance, Kikuyu women in Africa smear themselves with the sap of fig trees to ensure pregnancy.
The second confusion follows: It is the presumed difference between nature and the city, apartments and houses, subways and fig trees.
More was spent on the blooms in 12 months than the controversial pounds 32,500 hire of 12 fig trees.
Mr Bercow said he was "horrified" to find out the cost of the 12 fig trees in Portcullis House greenery and accepted the taxpayer was being "fleeced".
citri nymphs can complete development to adults on fig, we therefore initiated a greenhouse experiment on 14 Sep wherein 2 potted fig trees (cv.