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the child of your aunt or uncle

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No wonder the fifth cousin twice removed of the Queen tries so terribly hard to pose as Dave Of The People.
It makes Cameron a fifth cousin twice-removed of the Queen.
I've no idea if Nellie is related to Dylan or not, but if she is, she could only be a distant relation, such as a fourth or fifth cousin.
Roosevelt (president 1933-1945) not Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909), who was his fifth cousin (Page 18, Saturday).
Through my mother we're fifth cousins, once removed.
Jews, the work of Ostrer's group and another team found, are as closely related genetically as would be expected for typical fourth or fifth cousins.
Simeon's five children are fifth cousins with Queen Elizabeth II, while his grand children are sixth cousins with Prince Charles.
Even though the researchers excluded people known to be directly related, any two Ashkenazi Jewish participants in Ostrer's study shared about as much DNA as fourth or fifth cousins, he says.
I had a deep personal respect for both Stewart and his wife, Gladys, my fifth cousins, and will miss both of them very much.
But after attending a course at Warwick University she has now traced one line of her family right back to 1737 and even met up with fifth cousins in Australia.