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a republic in western Europe

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French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924)

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France's desire for political change is spurred by a disappointing procession of presidents over the last few decades since Charles De Gaulle formally proclaimed the Fifth Republic in 1958.
It seems unlikely that the Socialists and Republicans could be coaxed into joining forces, and if Macron has to rely on a left-wing coalition of some sort, the outlook for the Fifth Republic as an institution will be in doubt.
Macron becomes the youngest post-war French leader and the first to be born after 1958, when President Charles de Gaulle put in place the country's Fifth Republic.
Macron's improbable rise was greatly assisted by the implosion of the two parties that have traded the presidency throughout the 59-year history of the Fifth Republic.
Macrone, 39, became France's youngest president in the 59-year history of its Fifth Republic Sunday on an internationalist platform that promised to reunite the country's divided political system.
Charles de Gaulle came to power and crafted the Constitution of the Fifth Republic.
Yet now, a century later, because some 301 individual wolves have returned to the French countryside, annually killing 8,000 farm animals, the Fifth Republic is now paying compensation to livestock producers for ensuring the survival of the wolf, now a fully protected symbol of biodiversity.
EVENTS 1959: General Charles de Gaulle, above, is proclaimed first President of the new Fifth Republic in France during a brief ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris.
In her recent assessment of Soto's peers and fellow kinetic artists in grav (Groupe de Recherche d'Art Visuel), art historian Lily Woodruff contends that despite their work's embrace of industrial production and a quasi-scientific approach, such artists ultimately positioned themselves "against the technocrats" who ran Fifth Republic France by committee during the '60s.
In case court rules to extradite the tycoon, the Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic will have to sign a decree on extradition of Mr Ablyazov to one of the requesting countries.
For instance, France, a country that provided a political model for the Kemalist conceptualization of laicism and assimilationist nationalism, is currently in its fifth republic since 1958.
In 1958, Charles de Gaulle was elected to a seven-year term as the first president of the Fifth Republic of France.
A "proxy war" amid a militia civil war has led to calls for a UN or EU peacekeeping force to stabilise Libya, a scenario that seems remote on the eve of British elections and a French President with the lowest approval ratings since General Charles de Gaulle established the Fifth Republic.
He currently has a confidence rating of less than 10 percent, a record low for any French president since the Fifth Republic was founded in 1958.
Midway through his presidency, Francois Hollande is on the ropes: He is the most unpopular president of the Fifth Republic, and his brand of pro-business and austerity policies is almost universally rejected by the French people.