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a dog trained to work with sportsmen when they hunt with guns

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Since then, Mertens has been at the forefront of field-bred goldens, and when someone wants a great housedog, a great hunter--or both--they they go to her.
"A field-bred golden, a dog that has been bred for generations to hunt, will have a shorter coat.
"All goldens can make good housepets, which is important, but if you want a really stellar hunter, you should look to a field-bred dog.
Their coats can also be an issue when hunting areas with cockleburs and sticktights, which is one of the many reasons why it's so important to find a field-bred dog versus a bench-bred dog.
Six-month-old Primrose, a field-bred English cocker, does everything with an exclamation point, according to owner Kristen Neal of Union Grove, Wisconsin.
I have a 4-year-old spayed field-bred English springer spaniel that's had a nasal mucous issue for months.
This is where I usually say adamantly that gun dogs should be from field-bred stock.
Field-bred spaniel owners consider that a major fault among their dogs, and pointing spaniels cannot be successful in field trials or hunt tests.
IF YOU'VE BEEN reading this magazine for at least an issue or two, you know that my personal gun dogs have always been field-bred Irish setters.
I stumbled into my first field-bred springer and was unbelievably lucky to get a Ru-Char that was great.
(His obituary appears on the next page.) When I learned this, I remembered it was a column of his, "Don't Count Out the Irish," in the April, 1966 issue of Outdoor Lye, that helped me decide on a field-bred Irish setter for my first gun dog.
Today, the golden suffers a four-way split: field-breds, show-breds, obedience-breds and casually bred pet stock.