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relating to or of the nature of a legal trust (i.e. the holding of something in trust for another)


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(25) This explanation was invoked a few years later by Dawson and Toohey JJ in Breen: citing Finn's paper, they said, 'what the law exacts in a fiduciary relationship is loyalty'.
To support my suggestion, I will employ Evan Fox-Decent's conceptualization of a fiduciary relationship (developed to advance his claim that the state-subject relationship is fiduciary in nature).
(86) There are numerous historical and theoretical reasons, both in general and specifically pertaining to the United States, to believe a government is in a fiduciary relationship with its people.
[d]irectors and officers who acquire confidential or special knowledge or information by virtue of their fiduciary relationship with the corporation and its shareholders are not free to exploit that knowledge or information for their own personal benefit and profit, and to do so has been held to constitute a breach of their fiduciary duties or an abuse of their fiduciary relationship, even though no injury to the corporation results.
The fiduciary relationship itself does not affect when the statute of limitations period starts, Premo wrote.
[section]415.102(8), the term "exploitation" extends to breaches of fiduciary relationships, the unauthorized taking of personal assets, and the misappropriation, misuse, or improper transfer of money.
It is well understood that not all aspects of a fiduciary relationship are, themselves, fiduciary.
MacAndrews & Forbes asserted that the prices secured by Gagosian for works purchased on its behalf by the gallery were artificially inflated, and conversely, that the sales prices obtained for works sold by the gallery on its behalf were artificially reduced; further, the complaint alleged a fiduciary relationship between Mr Perelman and Larry Gagosian (the gallery's owner), arising from the long-term relationship between the two businessmen (which included joint investment in a restaurant), as well as from numerous transactions in which Gagosian had acted as a "consignee, buyer, seller, broker, bidder and agent with respect to [Perelman's] artwork".
However, the fiduciary relationship exists only if the recommendation is based on the particular needs of a plan, participant or beneficiary, or it is directed to a specific recipient, and the person making the recommendation is getting a direct or indirect payment with respect to it or the investment.
A fiduciary relationship emerges in circumstances where one person (the fiduciary) has discretionary power over the assets or legal interests of another (the beneficiary).
Eventually, your financial advisor will ask you to sign a document called a "best interest contract," which will establish a fiduciary relationship between the two of you.
* POA Declarations for Fiduciaries are submitted without supporting backup for the fiduciary relationship, i.e.
While all fees are suitable (and important) for the brokerage industry (where an agency relationship exists), they are undeniably inappropriate for the adviser industry (where a fiduciary relationship exists).
A fiduciary relationship traditionally emerges in contexts where
It was built on creating a fiduciary relationship that always serves the client's needs first.