Ficus religiosa

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fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity

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Traditional uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Ficus religiosa. J Ethanopharmacol 2011; 134: 565-583.
10 gm dry twig powder of Butea monosperma, Ficus benghalensis(FB), Ficus religiosa (FRel) and Ficus Racemosa (FR) & fresh aerial parts of Cissus quandrangularis are soaked respectively in 100 ml ethanol at 37[degrees]C for 2 days.
For instance in current study for some of the browses (Peltrophorum africanum, Ziziphus mucronta, Ficus thronniggi, Morus alba, Ficus religiosa, Combretum microphyllum, Quercus rubica, and Acacia sieberriana woodii) PEG inclusion was resulted in decreased acetate to propionate ratio (data not showed), though that was not resulted in decreased in methane production.
Numerous species of fig wasps have been recorded from the figs of Ficus religiosa in its native range (Wiebes 1967), but only the pollinator, Platyscapa quadraticeps Mayr is recorded as having been introduced elsewhere.
Ficus religiosa in south-east Asia is spread by Buddhists and all fig species in Fundong, Cameroon, have been introduced from elsewhere.
Zingiberaceae Rhizome 14 Curcuma zedoaria Zingiberaceae Rhizome Roscoe 15 Elettaria Zingiberaceae Fruit cardamomum Maton 16 Ficus religiosa L.
The bodhi tree (ficus religiosa) is revered the world over for providing the safety to the Buddha and shade during the seven weeks he sought enlightenment under its boughs.
He explains that not only did the Buddha eventually gain enlightenment under a tree--a bodhi (Ficus religiosa)--but that all the other significant events of his life were connected with trees: he was born tinder a tree, gave his first sermon among trees and died under a tree.
The other two are a Ficus religiosa in Sri Lanka and a Dragon tree in the Canary Islands, indicating that the World Tree Foundation is already far-flung in its reach.
The experts said mature trees that have the biggest demand in the UAE include Delonix Regia or gulmohar trees, Peltophorum Inerme or yellow flame trees, Millingtonia or jasmine trees, Azadirachta Indica or neem trees and Ficus Religiosa or sacred fig trees.
Discussion encompasses the Banyan tree, an important tree in the birth of biology as a science, as well as Ficus religiosa, the Buddha's sacred Bodhi tree.
Important vegetation of the area include simbal (Bombax ceiba), sukhechain (Pongamia pinnata), neem (Azadirachta indica), bakiain (Melia azedarach), desi kikar (Acacia nilotica), bohr (Ficus benghalensis), peepal (Ficus religiosa), tutsiah (Morus nigrz), safaida (Eucalyptus citriodora), bairi (Ziziphus mauritiana) and sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) etc.