Ficus bengalensis

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East Indian tree that puts out aerial shoots that grow down into the soil forming additional trunks

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Fresh, healthy and disease free leaves of Acacia nilotica, Azadirachta indica, Eucalyptus citriodora, Ficus bengalensis and Allium sativum were collected from district of Bhimber, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
Comparative analysis of antifungal activity of five collected plants (Acacia nilotica, Azadirachta indica, Eucalyptus citriodora, Ficus bengalensis and Garlic extracts) in four different solvents were summarized in Figure 1.
Acacia nilotica, Alstonia scholaris, Azadirachta indica, Eucaylptus citriodora, Ficus bengalensis, Mangifera indica, Melia azedarach and Syzygium cuminion against seed borne mycoflora of wheat [37].
Antimicrobial activity of Ficus bengalensis (leaf extracts) in different solvents against wheatseed fungal pathogens was also investigated.
The diets, designated as control (CON) and Ficus bengalensis leaf meal (FBLM), consisted of rice straw (ad libitum), maize green (5 kg) and the respective supplements (Table 1), and fed so as to meet the requirements (Kearl, 1982) for maintenance and milk production.
Ficus bengalensis leaves were harvested in one lot in the month of August from the institute campus.
The present study reveals that Ficus bengalensis leaves could be a potential source of CT.
Ingredients and chemical composition of supplements, Ficus bengalensis leaves and green maize Supplements Ficus (1) bengalensis Maize Rice green straw Constituents CON FBLM Ingredients (kg) Maize grain 30.0 30.0 -- -- -- Mustard cake 30.0 30.0 -- -- -- Rice bran 37.0 25.1 -- -- -- F.
The park contains sub-tropical, semi-evergreen vegetation dominated by plant species like Ziziphus nummularia, Ficus bengalensis, Dalbergia sissoo, Mangifera indica, Acacia modesta, Acacia nilotica, Lantana camara, Adhatoda zeylanica, Dodonaea viscosa, Carissa opaca, Dasmostachya bipinnata, Saccharum spontaneum and Cynodon dactylon (Azam et al., 2007).
Both Ficus bengalensis and Mangifera indica are part of natural flora.
Collectively, dominant plant species of Peafowl habitat in the park included Saccharum bengalensis, Dalbergia sissoo, Adhatoda zeylanica, Lantana camara, Triticum aestivum, Parthenium hysterophorus, Cynodon dactylon, Ficus bengalensis, Dodonaea viscosa, Desmostachya bipinnata, Ageratum houstonianum, Heteropogan contortus, Butea monosperma, Opuntia dillenii, Mangifera indica, Brachiaria reptans, Sorghum halepense, Gymnosporia royleana, Aerva persica, Acroptilon repens, Imperata cylindrica, Acacia nilotica, Acacia modesta and Ziziphus mauritiana (Fig.