Fibonacci number

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a number in the Fibonacci sequence

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The company's creative director Kevin Brown, pictured right, had the idea of basing it on a 'Fibonacci spiral' inspired by an ammonite fossil.
Thus we could get a curve BACDE, ..., X which looks like a spiral line (it is not Fibonacci Spiral [10,11]).
The Fibonacci is handcrafted featuring the iconic Fibonacci spiral made entirely from six individual logs of Macassar Ebony, creating a fluid design that represents the geometric harmony found in nature.
"They will be set at vantage points across a boardwalk shaped in a way that gives the project its distinctive design ethos in the form of the 'Fibonacci Spiral'.
A lie detector, generation of electricity from lemons, a display of tangrams, generation of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional objects, invisible writing and the Fibonacci spiral were some of the highlights.