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Synonyms for fraction

Synonyms for fraction

a component of a mixture that has been separated by a fractional process

a small part or item forming a piece of a whole

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* Noninvasive ventilation as BiPAP with PS 10 and PEEP 5 and FIO2 40% can be used if needed.
Such tools help quality improvement and infection control professionals interpret ventilator data to understand when changes in PEEP and FiO2 have met the threshold of significance.
FiO2 was kept constant and same for all patients of both groups after termination of CPB, while shifting to ICU till time of extubation i.e.
She tolerated intubation well with versed and fentanyl and was placed on mechanical ventilation under volume control mode with PEEP of 8, tidal volume of 210 mL (6.6 ml/kg), and FiO2 of 25%.
Pulmonary hypertension was managed with iNO, 100% FiO2, intravenous sildenafil, and inhaled iloprost.
An FIO2 of 1.0 accelerates the absorption process to 5% to 7% per day.
The established weaning criteria was routinely followed in the ICU i-e improvement of the cause of Acute respiratory failure that led to the use of ventilation support, correction of arterial hypoxemia (arterial partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2) of greater than 60 mm Hg, fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) of less than or equal to 0.4, and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) of less than or equal to 5 cm H2O during pressure support ventilation.
* Once ROSC is achieved, titrate FiO2 to achieve arterial oxyhemoglobin saturation between 94% and 99% to limit the risk of hyperoxemia.
On the day of admission to the intensive care unit, the ventilator settings were 13 cmH2O of pressure support, 5 cmH2O of positive end-expiratory pressure and 35% FiO2. Subsequently, whenever an attempt was made to wean the patient from mechanical ventilation, even with positive endexpiratory pressure support reduced slightly, the tidal volume dropped significantly, inspiratory effort increased and the patient developed respiratory distress.
The CMV was changed to high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV), with 100% FiO2, and nitric oxide (NO) at 40 ppm was initiated.
Son yillarda literaturde de %30 ve uzeri FiO2 ile ventilasyonun ortalama 5-7 gun civarinda tutulmasi oncesinde ve/veya devaminda CPAP ile oksitravma ve barotravmadan kacinilmasi onerilmektedir (25).
Qp/Qs ratio was calculated with switching back to the respiratory measures and FiO2 values prior to surgery by obtaining blood gas samples from appropriate sites, Postoperative Qp/Qs ratio was calculated as 1.1.