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king of Saudi Arabia from 1982 to 2005 (1923-2005)

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Sidaoui, A Novel Approach to Formulation of Emulsified Acid Using Waste Oil and Nano-Particles, M.Sc., King Fhad University Petroleum Minerals, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, 2016.
To be selected fhad be UK-base PS6m to PS250m in and have been i minimum of thre they had to dem growth in reven years and an inc numbers, works or patent filings.
FHad he remembered that cameras pick up every inch of a Premier League pitch and - more importantly - the possible repercussions then you would like to believe he would have thought twice.
They include regular riders from the Bahrain national team like Abdulrahman Al Zayed, Jaafar Mirza, Fhad Bakheet, Abdelhak Kaddouri, Mohammed Abdulsamad, Raed Mahmood and Isa Al Hazza.
Summary: This month, 66 falcons will be flown to Kazakhstan to be released back into the wild by Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi (FHAD).
Jenkins completed a double when Clever Omneya, owned by Fhad Al Harthi, won her third race when taking the 7f handicap.
In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Prince Fhad thanked Deputy...
Sandhu fhad a fine header pushed for a corner from which Blackburn scored the only goal.
Steve Hicks fhad one of 13lb, 8oz on fly from Pipeline.
I think Eric Boehlert of Salon, Peter Howell, Muhammad Fhad Al-Harithy, Douglas Kellner and Edgar Roskis have been wise in pointing out how the mainstream media were sanitizing war coverage from March 2003 until the release of the Abu Ghraib pictures in April 2004.
doigh liom go mbeidh aon dea-reiteach ar Ghaelaibh an fhad ar duchas
The champion canine (left) fhad a heart attack during surgery after he was injured during training on Tuesday night.
Fhad 's a tha iad a' dol a-mach air a cheile tha mi an dochas gun tug a h-uile duine aca an aire dhan teachdaireachd mu chumhachd a' ghraidh.
The other bronze was delivered by the elementary boys tennis team of Francis Lambayan, Francis Hidalgo, Marc Nicole Suson and Fhad Kenneth Banico.