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Synonyms for acetaminophen

an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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In addition, Actavls notes that FeverAll suppositories may be the preferred choice of parents whose child's fever or pain is accompanied by an upset stomach, or in cases when the child has difficulty swallowing.
Those are opportunities for them to learn about FeverAll, and we're going to be very visible on those websites, in those blogs, in those magazines," she says.
Actavis Inc's FeverAll was featured recently on "The Balancing Act," a morning show on Lifetime Television.
announced that its FeverAll acetaminophen suppositories formulated in 80-, 120- and 325-mg strengths have returned to store shelves.
NEW YORK -- A Kids Relief line extension and the return to stores of FeverAll acetaminophen suppositories are among the notable developments in the baby care market.
8 Demand Brands Brand Manufacturer Reason to Stock BC GlaxoSmithKline Powdered form, popular in South Goodys GlaxoSmithKline Powdered form, popular in South Percogesic Prestige Brands Holdings Heritage brand, for pain and sleep Cystex DSE Healthcare Solutions For pain of urinary tract infections FeverAll Alpharma USPD Fever reducer for children, infants Legatrin PM Lil' Drug Store Products For lower-body pain, leg cramps * Dollar sales through food, drug and discount stores (excluding Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
For example, Actavis' FeverAll offers what is billed as the only acetaminophen suppository on the market.
For those occasions when a child cannot tolerate an oral fever suppressant due to the flavor, irritability or vomiting, Actavis (formerly Alpharma) offers Infants' FeverAll acetaminophen suppositories.
Actavis' FeverAll is an acetaminophen product that tends to sell better in drug chains than other channels, notes Blake.