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Other important species were Bromus japonicus, a cool-season, annual grass; Poa secunda, a cool-season, perennial grass; Sporobolus cryptandrus, a warm-season, perennial grass; Festuca octoflora, a cool-season, annual grass; Plantago patagonica, a cool-season, annual forb; and Opuntia polyacantha, a warm-season, succulent.
Festuca carpetana Fuente, Sanchez-Mata & Rivas Mart., spec.
glareosa Boiss., que se conserva en G-BOIS y a LE que conseva dos pliegos con material isolectotipo de Festuca elegans Boiss.
Conversely, two of the more common grasses (Stipa thurberiana, Festuca idahoensis) have significantly more cover on the P.
Tuft-forming grasses such as Festuca gautieri grow in clumps and throw up tall, fluffy seed heads that attract insects.
Try the deep blue of alliums and delphinium radiating out to the even deeper blues of lobelia, interspersed with some ornamental but small clumping grasses such as Festuca 'Elijah Blue'.
The cover decrease of Genista baetica, Erodium cheilanthifolium and Festuca indigesta, common species on the lowest summit (PUL), might be related to the abundant unstable substrate which could impede their establishment.
The international team of researchers have published their findings in a scientific journal, claiming to have identified a DNA mutation from the grass species festuca.
Use steely-blue festuca grass to add a vertical silver accent to drab planting and mix it with pale pink, blue and white pansies and youOre on to a winner.
Species in the genus Festuca are known for complementary characteristics to those of Lolium, such as good persistence and high stress tolerance (Thomas and Humphreys, 1991; Thomas et al., 2003).
A go-to plant is Festuca glauco 'Elijah Blue' for its ability to fill in spaces with a soft, fuzzy texture.
They are also a good choice for containers and look great poking through the blue grassy foliage of Festuca Elija Blue.
Los generos mas representativos de la familia Poaceae fueron Poa, Festuca y Calamagrostis.
This study was designed to determine P, K, Ca, Mg and Na mineral accumulations in Agropyron elongatum, Chloris gayana, Cynodon dactylon and Festuca arundinacea species grown on control (non-saline and non-alkaline), highly saline, highly alkaline and highly saline-alkaline soils, and to check whether the obtained fodders meet mineral requirements of animals.